Get your butt out of the ocean & Pass it On! SurfGoddess Beach Clean up and surf class

Get your butt out of the ocean & Pass it On! SurfGoddess Beach Clean up and surf class

Today we finished this summer of SurfGoddess classes. We are unlike ordinary surfers in so many ways: we are glamorous, uncompetitive and believe that the best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun. Most students began with extreme nerves with fears of everything from sharks to riptides to intimidating cute surf boys. Fortunately, no worries were realized and we had the ultimate summer fun – giggling like teenagers. Everyone that took the class stood up on their stick and got surf stoke! I must admit that I was genuinely proud of each surfgoddess student. Of course, I must shout out to the best two surf instructors getting tossed around the impact zone with me that I could have hoped for: Michelle Dittman and Amanda Schmitz.

But by far, what sets us apart from every surfer on the beach is the fact that we clean up the beach before we even enter the water. I simply couldn't go into the water without having a potato chip bag stuck to my leg. I knew something was fishy when I actually found fishnets ( yes the kind us showgirls wear!) You would be surprised and shocked at what we have found littering our beautiful beaches in Southern California! The list is appalling, hilarious and completely outrageous. We have picked up with our gloved hands: wilted balloons tangled in seaweed, Styrofoam cups, potato chip wrappers, dog collars, hotdogs, a boat propeller, cel phones, Juicy Couture sweats, a sleeping bag, a coffeemaker, an American Flag, condom wrappers, a ukulele, a peppercorn grinder, ateddy bear, sunglasses and a lot of plastic.

However, the most copious item that was tossed into our large plastic bags was cigarette butts. It is shocking how the beaches are teeming with butts and each SurfGoddess picks up over 150 butts (mostly the Parliament brand).  To clarify, most of these butts are not from people smoking at the beach.  These butts are from smokers down in Hollywood, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. They light up in front of a club or in their car and then casually and carelessly toss their cigarette on the sidewalk in front of the club, café, bookstore or houseparty. I have heard people passionately conversing about the environment while they obliviously fling their cigarettes to the sidewalk. Little do they realize thatthese cigarette butts end up in the ocean and on the beach. Its not just big corporations that are ruining our beach – its us!  Please, pass it on to your friends, co-workers, hotties at the club, people you meet at an AA meeting or strangers on the street. Think globally, act locally, now matter how fine you think your butts are,  keep you butt out of my ocean.

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1. Velumia wrote:
Sounds lovely, best surf story Ever!

Fri, September 12, 2008 @ 5:52 AM

2. Christine Welke wrote:
I saw what you gathered yesterday after SurfGoddess, and it was disgusting!! :( Even after SurfGoddess is over, you should keep the monthly routine of cleaning up the beach. I can get my own group together and do a "South Bay SurfGoddess beach clean up", on the same day that you are doing yours in Venice. Lets do it..!! We can encourage other women to support their local beaches and clean the entire coast..!! :)


Mon, September 15, 2008 @ 10:42 PM

3. Fotia wrote:
Yeah, and I'm coming to Southern California real soon so this is a real turnoff to visitors. Good for you for posting this message - maybe others will think before they just dump their garbage instead of burning a few calories and walking to the garbage can.

Mon, September 15, 2008 @ 10:43 PM

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