The Allure of Burlesque

After watching a burlesque show, the electricity in the audience is palpable. The show they've just watched is saucy, glamorous, and pure fun—often eliciting squeals, laughter, and catcalls from men and women alike. It's a touch naughty, but totally acceptable. The playfulness and humor of the women on stage is infectious. Often the women in the audience now want to learn to tantalize and tease—to feel the freedom the performers were feeling.

Day-to-day responsibilities of life can become all too serious. Modern-day stripping has become such serious business that it's lost the best part of its original name—tease. Burlesque, on the other hand, is all about outrageous play. The dancers have fabulous names like Catherine D'Lish, Dirty Martini, and Danger Muffin. The costumes are all about fantasy and dazzle, with rhinestones, sequins, glitter, and feathers. The dancing is performed with a wink and a nod. Even when there is a message, it doesn't take itself too seriously.

Burlesque dancers exude confidence. You will see every body shape at a burlesque show: skinny, curvy, short, tall. Yet what you notice is a performer's attitude. Dancers and audience members say it's very empowering and healing to their body image to see that there is room for everyone. One dancer even said so profoundly, "Does an eagle cry because it is not a swan?" Burlesque dancers do not wait for you to tell them they are beautiful, they enter the stage knowing it.

At its core, burlesque is about sexuality on your own terms—outrageous, suggestive, or demure. With the tease put back in "striptease"—even the quick flash of a shoulder can be naughty. Gypsy would devastate her audience by removing only a single glove during an entire performance. Dancers hold the audience in the palm of their hands, the crowd hanging on their every bump, wink, and toss of the boa. They are completely in control of their powerful sexuality while they strut and bask in the spotlight. Performing the flirtatiously feminine and provocative movements of burlesque without apology is celebrating your womanhood in all its glory.

For all these reasons, you are probably ready to learn how to do burlesque. The best part is... you can! Burlesque dancing comes from your imagination, sense of play, and is totally accessible. You do not need to be in perfect shape, and you don't need to be a dancer. In The Goddess Workout Cardio Burlesque, I will teach you a vocabulary of moves to help you release your inner sex kitten, get a fun workout, and even put together a glamorous routine!