Balance between the feminine and masculine

Balance between the feminine and masculine

The goddess wants to take you into places that you remember, from long ago, deeply lodged within your Soul's essence. She wants to connect you with people and places that stir distant and ancient memories of a time when there was balance between the spiritual feminine and the spiritual masculine vibrations. This was a time when you knew of her - of The Goddess - and worked with her sacred energies of intimacy, and you were not afraid to go very deep.

The Goddess says that there is now a pressing need to stimulate these memory codes within you in order for new levels of light to rise up from the earth's core. There needs to be a new meeting between the masculine and the feminine, because the masculine vibration is asking Source for change in 'his' path and mode of being on this planet. The feminine ability to use sexual and raw emotional energy to arouse, transform and deepen the opening of the chakras and kundalini channels is now needed urgently.

Many women (and all those who carry a predominantly feminine essence) on the path of Light are being taken into places that may challenge and push them into opening up and accepting the ancient powers of sexual and emotional healing that they carry. Some of these encounters will include connections with past-life lovers, teachers, co-workers, friends and family members. The purpose for this is so that the ancient codes of The Goddess, not forgotten by the Soul and energy bodies, can be re-stimulated and catalyzed into action.

Wherever you go, people that are brought into your energy field will remember you on a deep level. They will recognize something that you are emitting vibrationally, and it will stir them at the most private, sacred core. It will also excite them, because your energy will be like a drink from a holy well of sensual love after eons in the parched deserts, lost and wandering. They can pick up on enough stimulating energy codes to begin firing their own awakening connections from being with you for even a few minutes.

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