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  • The Cairo Chronicles - An American Bellydancer who Moves to Egypt to Pursue her Dream

    Aleya is a phenomenal bellydancer in Cairo. She tells fantastic stories of rubbing rhinestones with famous Egyptian bellydancers and having snake charmers serenading outside her apartment because they think she is a wealthy Saudi. But the most amazing part of her life’s story is that she is an American bellydancer who decided to live her dream and move to the heart of the bellydance world.


    Aleya and I go “way back” as dancers. I had the honor of dancing with her when we were both performing in the restaurants and clubs of Los Angeles.  As a bellydancer, it is one thing to be respected by Middle-Easterners living in the United States, but it is entirely different story to perform in the Middle-East.

    I believe that dreams should not be just dreams. The way I see it is that dreams aren't made for sleeping on. They visit with purpose. And yet, I know how difficult it is to follow our dreams.

    I am so inspired by Aleya pursuing such a bold dream, that I asked her to tell her to write her story and share it with us. Enjoy The Cairo Chronicles and let her motivate you to do what you love and love what you do.

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  • Bask in the Goddess Glow - Blissed out Night of Dance & Music on March 16th

    A blissed-out night of cosmic performances of music, bellydance, burlesque, circus & other surprises!  Be prepared to be brought to your knees to worship The Goddess! The Goddess is ready to shower Her love and affection on any who cares to turn their gaze toward Her fiery heart.

    Audience is encouraged to drop into (or out of) the night - PLEASE enjoy, break free of self-imposed limitations, dress in costume and bask in the glow of the Goddess!

    My performance is not to missed! I am seriously serious. I will be revealing a new costume (and some other things!)

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