Blessed Winter Solstice to you and yours. Shine on sisters and brothers.

Blessed Winter Solstice to you and yours. Shine on sisters and brothers.

It's the Winter Solstice and a Full Moon


This signifies an opportunity for BIG personal transformation. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and marks the darkest point of the sun, after which the light begins to return and the days become longer. Add the Full Moon to this picture making for an extremely long and and magical night.

What does that mean to me?

Basically, the idea is that when things seem really bleak and dark, it is often our biggest opportunity for personal transformation.

In one of my favorite books, “The Power of Myth”, the incomparable scholar, Joseph Campbell explores the enduring power of universal myths that influence our lives. In nearly every culture, mythology, religion, spiritual practice there is a story of rebirth. He says that human beings psychologically need this particular myth because it contains the belief of hope. He says,

 “The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.”

 What should I do?

 We often count our blessings and focus on the things and our life that are positive and make us feel warm & fuzzy. But ignoring our pain & fears is unrealistic and robs us of an opportunity for true healing and realizing our strength. Most of us would prefer not dwell on our regrets or losses, especially during the holidays. But please hear me out. In my experience, to live as light means we are committed to facing the darkness. We are capable of walking in both worlds so that we can do the holy task of illuminating. Most people speak only of the light and almost shame the dark and those who are navigating that space. Often the greatest luminaries I have experienced are the ones who walked through the darkest caverns of their own psyche or the darkest places of human experience and came out the other side embodied in truth. There are gifts of truth, strength and healing that we receive by honoring our personal darkness.

 Here’s my Solstice ritual: I cleanse my mind and body with a warm bath and burning sage. I light a fire, make a warm beverage and cuddle under a cozy blanket. Then with all the courage I can muster, I write down on a piece of paper all the darkest moments of the past year – fears, failures, losses and regrets. I know, it’s scary & uncomfortable stuff. I then say a prayer of gratitude for each and every one, the lessons that they taught me (even if I am not yet aware of the aforementioned lesson) and the bravery it took to face them & survive them. Then, discard this paper by burning it in the fire. Next, I contemplate the pile of ash of my past year and feel the expansive open space of possibility I just created. I am in the unknown, unencumbered by my limited imagination and ego-driven dreams. Then, I light a candle to represent illuminating my inner light. This is my rebirth. I take this moment to commit to living a life of freaking awesome gorgeous glory and radiating the Goddess I am supposed to be.

 Blessed Winter Solstice to you and yours. Shine on sisters and brothers.

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1. Jessica Boaman wrote:
Such a great post! Thank you goddess Dolphina!

Tue, December 20, 2016 @ 11:23 PM

2. Nicole Carpenter wrote:
This is powerful and beautiful!

Tue, December 20, 2016 @ 11:24 PM

3. Michael T wrote:
What powerful and profound ideas. You are a courageous leader who walks the walk. A blessed, inspiring, revelatory winter solstice to you, Dolphina.

Wed, December 21, 2016 @ 12:02 AM

4. Caroline Shinydancer Walsh wrote:
Thank you Dolphina and Goddess Life, simply beautiful. With you in spirit today dear dancing sister xxx

Wed, December 21, 2016 @ 3:56 PM

5. Juliana Powels-Crouch wrote:
Blessed Solstice, sister. Shed the old and welcome the new!! ✨🔥❤ Sending you love and light!

Wed, December 21, 2016 @ 3:57 PM

6. Kim Friedman wrote:
Beautiful! my solstice sister.

Wed, December 21, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

7. Kristina Brown wrote:
I really needed this right now!

Wed, December 21, 2016 @ 4:00 PM

8. Jennie Dunmore wrote:
Blessed Solstice to you, Dolphina. These are indeed wise words, and I am going to steal some of your ideas for this evening.

Thu, December 22, 2016 @ 2:33 PM

9. Shannon Jannette Vergun wrote:
I'm loving this stormy, dark night and want to do more than marvel at how yet again you've shared the most timely message. So, I'm promising out loud to do as you've described. I've been a fan of Joseph Campbell's since college. Sometimes, I read and research more than I do. You and Juliana Powells-Crouch have been instrumental in guiding me to take action, even if it's just by means of baby steps. Thank you

Thu, December 22, 2016 @ 2:35 PM

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