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  • Happy Galentine's Day!

    ❤️Happy Galentine’s Day! 💕

    Celebrating Galentine’s Day my favorite way ever: dancing The Goddess Workout Burlesque @lululemon with @kendrahmckay @myrahpenaloza @ella_bella_may @beckyconners 💋

    Let’s reclaim the glory days of ancient Rome, when Valentine’s Day was a joyous holiday for all Goddesses – married, maiden or virgin. It’s all about you learning to own and enjoy your sexuality. The things I teach in The Goddess Workout Cardio Burlesque will show you how to be IN LOVE WITH LIFE! The French call it ‘joie de vivre’ and let me tell you, nothing is more attractive. 💋

    The Goddess Workout Burlesque Video: 

    on youtube: https://goo.gl/2SxtYC 

    on Amazon: https://goo.gl/MjVth3 💗

  • Be Yours & Have the BEST Valentine's Day of your life!

    Decide right now, no matter what your current relationship status is, that you will first and foremost ‘Be Your Valentine’ on February 14th. I will bet my bottom :) this mindset will change this holiday forever. And for the better.

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  • Happy Goddesstine Day!

    That love song you have been singing .... perhaps you begin to realize that you are singing it to yourself. If you are waiting for someone to step in and brighten your world, know that humans are human, humans are temporary, transient. Light up your own life. Soften your face, know thyself, heal yourself and delight in the passions of your heart. Don't expect someone else to do it for you. The love song you can't get out of your mind, perhaps you have been singing it to yourself all along. Never forget you are the One who lights up your own life. 

    You are a Goddess. Happy Goddesstine Day! 💋 

  • Guilty Pleasures

    As my phone rang tonight, I found myself saying those nasty four little words, “ I really shouldn’t, but…”

    You see, I have a vintage pink rotary phone that’s cord only reaches the fake fur rug on the floor next to it.  To speak on the phone, I have to lie on the rug. It’s decadent in The Valley of the Dolls kind of way. I knew it was my best girlfriend calling and with all the work I had to do, I really shouldn’t have, but… I indulged in one of my favorite guilty pleasures and talked to my friend, on the rug (meaning, no multitasking) for two hours!

    Afterwards, I didn’t care how behind I was on my spreadsheets I was supposed to have prepared for tomorrow. “So what” I said to myself, I can stay up late, or get up early, or, even *gasp* not finish them.  Indulging in my guilty pleasure made me feel so bad, I felt good.

    We all have guilty pleasures – some that would embarrass us to admit – but should we feel compunction about them? If watching trashy TV shows, eating at fast food restaurants or googling your ex can bring us so much pleasure, then why should it create remorse?

    Isn’t it tiring trying to be perfect and to always do the right thing? Isn’t there something to be said for the occasional dash of depravity? There is! Not everything we do needs to be productive, lead to a cleaner house or the betterment of humanity. In actually, doing something for the sheer amusement of it is reason enough.

    So, go ahead, eat a gram or two of saturated fat, crank up that cheesy love ballad on your car radio and splurge on something ridiculously expensive.  And remember, sometimes, tabletops are for dancing.

  • Styles of Massage - the ultimate menu

    After I broke my leg last year, I have been obsessed with massage.  There are so many out there these days and new ones invented just to lure you in (those tricky spa manipulators). In honor of celebrating Valentine's Day: GoddessLife style, I decided to do some research. I had so much fun creating my own massage menu, I decided to share it with you. Please feel free to share with me your opinions on these massages and others you have had.

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  • Fervent Lingerie Collector…or…Panty Addiction?

    Would it surprise you that I own quite a few panties? Truth be told, I have an obscene amount of panties and bras, corsets, garters, teddies, babydolls, fishnets and sexy bedroom shoes. Lingerie is irresistible to me. It all started quite innocently at Victoria’s Secret (I affectionately call Vicky’s) and then I found Fredericks of Hollywood, Cosabella and La Perla.  Before I knew it, my problem was uncontrollable and I started tossing clothes out of my drawers to make rooms for…my new lacy drawers.

    The following is the result of what happens to a woman who lets her knickers obsession get out of control.

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  • Flirt!

    I am a huge flirt. I say this without apology. I pretty much flirt with every one. I flirt with anyone who makes me coffee, with DMV employees, when I dance, with guys, with my best girlfriend, with dogs, kittens, bunnies and babies, but most of all: I flirt with life. I may not have a traditional definition of flirting – but my techniques are extremely effective and I do adhere to strict flirting rules. To me, flirting is not about manipulation, having an agenda or being a home wrecker (I haven’t wrecked a single home!) As I see it, flirting is playful, it turns mundane moments into adventures and it’s my way of saying, “I want you closer.”

    Due to all my flirting research and years of teaching flirting in my Art of Seduction workshops, I am considered a world-renown flirting enthusiast (by moi). Through my studies, I have come believe there is an actual science to flirting. Because of this almost-proven fact, flirting is a skill that can be taught using the following modus operandi:

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  • Lessons we can learn about Sex from the Ultimate Sex Symbol - Marilyn Monroe

    What is the exact cocktail of intoxicating traits that make Marilyn Monroe the ultimate sex symbol? And why do these attributes preserve her status as a sexual icon remarkably 50 years after her passing?

    Did she possess a sexy body? Absolutely. Were some of the world’s most powerful & fascinating men seduced by her? Definitely. Was she beautiful? Without question.

    But we could give precisely the identical answers about hundreds of famously sexy women. What makes Marilyn in a league all her own? And what unique lessons can we learn from the immortal sex Goddess that we can apply to our own lives?


    Click here to read entire blog & learn Marilyn Sexy Secrets!

    Click here to order her only autobiography & my favorite book about MM (in Kindle or Hardcover)


  • Don't compare your life to others

    Don't compare your life to others. There is no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine in their own time. Comparing your life to someone else's is one of the biggest bummer mind-trips we can pull on ourselves. Always remind yourself that you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, and if everybody put their problems in a big pile, you would rush to take yours back. Focus on your desires, your dreams, and what makes you spectacular: it's the only way to build a life worth swooning over. I Love you! 💋💕💋💖💋💕💋💖 

  • Two Valentine's Day Music Playlists: Valentine's mix sexuelle and L'amour Romantique

    Dearest GoddessLife Sisterhood,

    In my quest to squeeze sexy back into Valentine's Day, I created this uber-sexy music playlist on Spotify. No romance. It's over 4 hours! Have fun xxx 

    Playlist One : Valentine's mix sexuelle

    What are your favorite sexy songs?

    While I was on my mission of making Valentine's more sexy, my darn heart got in the way. The next thing I knew, I making a romantic playlist, too. Cie la vie!

    Playlist Two: L'amour Romantique Valentine 

    What are your favorite love songs?

    What are your favorite sexy songs?

    While I was on my mission of making Valentine's more sexy, my darn heart got in the way. The next thing I knew, I making a romantic playlist, too. Cie la vie!

    Playlist Two: L'amour Romantique Valentine

    What are your favorite love songs?

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