Bloom Where you are Planted – How to Find a Career Mentor

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I knew how to do everything included in my job description. I was a bellydancing at a Moroccan restaurant and teaching bellydance classes. My days were filled with obsessively making bellydance costumes, searching for new Middle-Eastern music and rehearsing.  I made some extra money by selling my Goddess Workout video to my dance students that I recently produced. Then, a student, who was a writer for Sex and the City wrote about The Goddess Workout into an episode. Suddenly my life changed. I was in business. I mean business, as in becoming incorporated with stockholders, officers, lawyers, accountants, spreadsheets and an account at Staples. I was thrown into an alternate universe with aliens who spoke a bizarre language. I needed a guide to navigate the new strange world…I needed a mentor.

Patiently I waited for the equivalent of the 'Career Fairy' to come down and appoint me a divine mentor. But, as I came to find, these types of relationships take chemistry, synergy and trust, none of which happen overnight.


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