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Uplifting, confidence-boosting and exhilarating, bellydancing is an exercise that is reported to not only tone and sculpt the body, but also to improve coordination and stimulate circulation. The no-impact exercise can be practiced barefoot in one's own home to the sounds of traditional Moroccan drums, heavy metal or the Beatles. Although this beginner's guide may work best when used in conjunction with a video or DVD, it's nonetheless a helpful and inspiring primer. Dolphina, a professional bellydancer with a studio in Los Angeles, lays out a brief history of bellydancing - she says it's “perhaps the oldest form of dance” with roots that go back to ancient Indian and Middle Eastern cultures - and then gets into the details. She covers three levels of bellydancing, and for each level she explains basic movements (snake arms, chest lift and drop, hip sway, etc.) and then instructs readers on how to incorporate these moves into a dance routine. Happily, most of the models in the book don't have abs of steel, and Dolphina's tone throughout is empowering and easygoing.
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I've been a Dolphina fan for years and have been bellydancing for seven years. This book is fabulous. It provides basic history, stretches, dance moves, choreography, costuming, music, EVERYTHING! There is a great list of additional resources at the back of the book for everything under the sun regarding bellydancing. Dolphina is beautiful in body, mind, and spirit. She is an inspiration and a gorgeous dancer. The book is wonderfully organized and laid out. The photos are informative and stunningly beautiful. You can't go wrong purchasing this book.
- Jennifer Jones

I just received this book today and, already, I can't put it down! Dolphina's writing style is friendly and conversational, making this book a delight to read. The description of the belly dance moves is spot on and easy to follow. I love the beautiful photos - kudos to Dolphina for choosing women of all shapes! I have all of Dolphina's DVDs and use them to reinforce what I learn in my weekly belly dance classes. Now, I have her wonderful book to use as well. In fact, I intend to take this on vacation so I can keep up with my dancing! Thanks Dolphina, for producing such an invaluable reference book for belly dancers of all levels of experience! I certainly hope the publisher does a second printing of this book - I would love to give one to every woman I know.
- Farrah, Davy Jones Locker