Costume of the Week: Buying or Making your First Bellydance Costume

Costume of the Week: Buying or Making your First Bellydance Costume

So, you have been taking bellydance classes or practicing at home with DVDs and you are ready to make the plunge.  Possibly you want to do a private show for your husband or your co-workers have talked you into performing for the company party. Perhaps you’re dazzled by all the costumes you see bellydancers wearing in DVDs.  Fear not, it happens to all of us: you become completely entranced by the sparkle of costumes and you must have one of your very own.

Typically a bellydancer’s first costume is notoriously horrible. A beginner doesn’t know what are the elements that make a good costume. She is intimidated by the outfits with high-price tag and feels that her technique will not “live-up” to the one’s dripping with 20 pounds of rhinestones. So she buys a used, less expensive one – or makes her own.

I made my first costume. It was characteristically ghastly. The bra (top part of costume) was disproportionate and one side was bigger than the other. Yikes. If that wasn’t hideous enough, I used snaps instead of hooks on the belt and it ‘snapped–off’ during its debut performance. The metal bells I sewed onto the edge of the belt snagged on the chiffon silk skirt and dangled in the middle of my skirt. I still have it to this day, but it has yet to see the light of day or spotlight of a nightclub.

If you are looking to purchase or make your first bellydance costume, I recommend the “Silk Harem Costume” pictured on the right for multiple reasons. First of all, it’s an affordable $99 (compared with the average $350 for a bellydance costume) which includes silk harem pants (with wrapping skirt), a fringed halter choli top and a fringed hip belt. It comes in 18 scrumptious colors from sapphire blue to dark red to silver and comes in all sizes.  It looks beautiful as it is, but you personalize this costume by adding rhinestones, sequins or coins.

Please share with me the costumes you have made!  I would also love to hear about your first costume experiences!

Click here to purchase costume (its $99 & comes in 18 different colors & all sizes!)

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1. Rebecca wrote:
I don't have any bellydance costumes, but I started looking for ones a while ago after being inspired by the beautiful costumes at the end of your DVDs. However, I couldn't find any the looked like yours. I love the ones you wear; they seem to show more of the body than a lot of the ones I've found, and they're beautiful without being too glitzy. Basically, the type of costumes you wear are exactly my style, but I could not find any (for purchase) that looked like that. :(

Tue, December 15, 2009 @ 3:34 PM

2. Jennifer wrote:
If you like Dolphina's style you can always start with your local Lululemon yoga gear shop. Beautiful exercise bras and long to the floor pants for the belly dance look, all different colors and matching items. Then start wrapping colorful hip scarves, with or without coins and slowly build on piece by piece, like a matching pink veil, I have a feeling Dolphi likes pink. Dolphi also likes to sew beads, buttons, coins, fringe, whatever looks creative and pretty on to her bra tops and even jewels on her lingerie. (you don't need underwear with lululemon, built inside). Sequins are always hot on any belly dance costume. shine, shine, shine like the sun. This is my suggestion if you want an outfit like Dolphi's. She wears Lululemon gear all the time on her dvds with creative accents and fabrics sewn on. Good luck! Goddess bless and have fun! I'm not an expert, just a chronic fan of Dolphi. I think she would applaud anything the more unique the better. hope I helped.

Wed, December 16, 2009 @ 1:04 AM

3. Dolphina wrote:
Jennifer - you are so right! I heart Lululemon! So much so, that I am one of their Brand Ambassadors. I cannot say enough great things about their company and their product. All of their adorable, made-to-last clothes are made from sustainable fabrics like bamboo, hemp and seaweed. And each store creates a real community vibe, with free classes and lots of fun events.

Wed, December 16, 2009 @ 1:03 PM

4. Rebecca wrote:
Thanks for those tips! I will keep them in mind when I finally have the money to start putting together a costume. :)

Wed, December 16, 2009 @ 9:58 PM

5. Jameela Sameera wrote:
I <3 Dolphina and her performances. But I also love her shell belt and pearl(?) bead necklace. I want to make my own (I'm a huge DIYer and an artist) as many first timers/beginners like to do. I can find plenty of coin, cowrie, and even bell belts, but no abalone (what the belt appears to be)! Help in finding these supplies or versions pre-made to use?!

Tue, August 16, 2011 @ 12:59 AM

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