Goddess Center Class & Event Descriptions

The Goddess Workout: Intro to Bellydance

Learn to shake it like Shakira! This one-hour class introduces you to the basics of bellydance and the power of being a Goddess. Tone your abs, buns, and thighs as you learn undulations, figure-eights, and shimmies. Wear comfortable workout wear that makes you feel chic, beautiful, or sizzling hot! Suggestions are leggings and a tank top or midriff top (if you dare). Coined hipscarves are provided. Each 4-week class has new music and no routine will ever be repeated. No dance experience necessary.

The Goddess Workout: Level 2 Bellydance

After you have mastered the basics, Level 2 combines more challenging isolations with a fun theme or prop to take your bellydance experience to the next level. The theme could be Tribal, Drum solo, Floorwork, or props such as veils or finger cymbals. No one has ever been less than delighted with Level 2. Intro to Bellydance or previous dance experience is recommended. All props are provided.


Be a touch naughty, but totally acceptable, with this playful, liberating, and glamorous one-hour class. We will release our inner-sex kittens and get a fabulous workout while we learn the art of the bump-n-grind. Work up a sweat while you learn struts, kicks, bumps, grinds, and shakes. Feather boas provided - you provide the tease.

Lap Dance

Bring the Champagne Room into your bedroom with this lap dance class. You'll learn the basic moves of exotic dancing and unleash your feminine powers in a fun and non-threatening environment.

SurfGoddess Surf Camp

Have you always dreamed of learning how to surf, but thought it was too hard or were too anxious to learn in front of a bunch of cute surf boys? This is not your usual surf lesson, this is surfGoddess! Get your body ripped while learning wave selection, surf etiquette, paddling out, and standing up on a board in a girl-power environment. Surfboards, rash guards, towels, and fun in the sun are included. 3 hours


Every night is Carnivale in the highly energetic class. You will not be able to resist shaking your bunda the minute you hear the rhythms of this intoxicating music. Learn the many styles of samba, samba-reggae, and other Brazilian dance forms in this uplifting and sweaty class.


This style of dance evolved from the Indian Bollywood movie industry. Think Bend it Like Beckham, the Guru, and the new Bride and Prejudice. This hot one-hour class mixes Bhangra, Kathak rhythms, and Hindi film style.


Aloha! Come sway under the palm trees and travel to the land of enchantment. In this class you will learn Hawaiian hula dancing, the fast moving Tahitian dance, and the unique Maori poi ball dance from New Zealand. Strap on your sarong and discover aloha sprit while working up a sweat with this beautiful dance.

Cheer Goddess

Bring it On! For the girls who were too shy or too cool to be cheerleaders in school, here is your chance to make the GoddessLife cheer squad. Learn chants, hollaback, stomps, jumps, and essential cheers. Short skirt with bloomies optional. Pom-poms provided.

Prenatal Yoga

In this class, yoga exercises specifically tailored for strengthening and relaxing the rapidly changing body of a pregnant woman are learned. Simple, effective exercises combined with yogic breathing techniques will guide you through pregnancy and labor. Away from the pressure and stress of daily life, this valuable time will allow you to focus entirely on yourself and your pregnancy.

Candlelight Mystic Bellydance

Come relieve the stresses of the week and rejuvenate yourself for the upcoming one in this special bellydance class held by candlelight. We will enjoy relaxing, spiritually uplifting dances and exercises that will not only strengthen your physique and balance, but also your soul!


Women were the original drummers. Continue the tradition, develop and strengthen your sense of rhythm, and be the coolest bellydancer who can also play the drum! Besides, it does your soul good to bang on a drum. No experience is necessary. Drums provided.


Embrace the crafty goddess within. We will get warm and cozy with cider and learn knitting basics with the knitting goddess herself, Maria Robbins. Knitting has become hot in Hollywood and it's a fun and meditative activity to enjoy with your friends or on the set of your next movie. We will complete an entire piece of lingerie during this class series. Bring your own needle - whatever you have. Recommended needle: Takumi 29" length bamboo circular knitting needle in a size 6 or 8; $10.00 - $12.00 at Joanne Fabrics or Michaels. Includes yarn, cider, and cozy conversation.

Full Moon Events

Be prepared to experience a night unlike any you ever have (unless you are experienced). Expert guest instructors are invited to The Goddess Center to teach a unique activity or make an activity unique in this enchanted evening that is empowering, sacred, delicious, and fun. World-famous vegan chocolate fondue and other surprise delights make this night a real event! Past full moon events have featured subjects including Women's Self Defense, Knitting, Chocolate, Massage, Feng Shui, Hula-Hoop, and Bellydance Costume Workshop and Fashion Shows.

New Moon Women's Circle Events

All women are powerful, and when we come together, we can change the world! Learn a cornerstone of the GoddessLife philosophy: a Goddess understands that she is not in competition with other women. On the contrary, she knows that positive and powerful women inspire and support each other to be their best. Discover how to harness this power in an evening of sacred ritual guided by Dolphina and guest healers.