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a Goddess Workout Spa Goddess CD

Dolphina invites you to surrender to the Sea Siren's call in this GoddessLife sampler.

Subtle melodies infused with ocean sounds, soothing flutes, strings, and light percussion transport you to a world of divine luxury, tranquility, and rejuvenation. Here is the ideal accompaniment for yoga, massage, and relaxing in your own private sanctuary.

1. Sea Siren 6:15
2. Goddess Salutations 7:13
3. Ocean Depth 4:20
4. Twilight on the Nile 6:05
5. Whispers of Rumi 8:38
6. Stardust Shower 6:08
7. Blessings 2:42
8. Isis Temple 6:04
9. Trance Bliss 3:00
10. Tabu 3:00
11. Devotion 3:09


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Congratulations to March's winner: Amber Bickle of Chattanooga, Tennessee