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  • She turned her wounds into power at a sacred waterfall in Hawaii

    “She turned her wounds into power.” In this picture I'm at a sacred waterfall the ancient Hawaiians used for ceremonial childbirth. I had just finished performing a private ritual for the 20 women attending my GoddessLife Retreat. They had all left and it was just nature, Hawaiian ancestors, my photographer and me. The transformational energy was the most powerful I had ever felt. In this picture I am holding space for my own darkness. The vibration of the sacred space gave me the courage to brave my most fiercest battle: facing my own core wounds. My soul asked for guidance on how to let go of this darkness, hopelessness, self-loathing and the belief that I am broken; so my spirit can be filled with love and light. The reply was, “show me all the parts of you that you don’t love so I know where to begin.” I surrendered and felt my soul descend like Persephone into the underworld. I wasn’t scared; I felt the warm embrace of the Divine Feminine. “Precious Soul, you are needed. What an immense act of bravery it was to agree to come here again in this period of tumultuous and dramatic ascension shifts on Earth. What an immensely courageous Soul you are. Breathe into the knowing that you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. “ With the Divine’s empathetic vibrational message, I was able to just ‘be’ with the most unlovable parts of myself while also welcoming back the light.

    Dear Precious Souls, I wish for you that when the darkness, pain and judgment arises within that you that you are able to find or create a loving space where you can feel empathy towards your precious soul. That you know that you are needed here on this earth. That sometimes you need to experience this darkness to be able to resurrect to the light. That you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. Blessed be.

  • Do you have Spring Fever?

    Feeling friskier than usual? Do men and women, even that awkward, gangly barista at Starbucks seem to be getting sexier? Have you been daydreaming about going away somewhere sunny and tropical and dancing ‘till dawn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then, take it from an expert (yours truly) - you are infected with the highly contagious Spring Fever.

    Warning: Spring Fever is very real and should not go untreated.

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  • There is in all of us a Wild and Ancient Gypsy

    There is in all of us a Wild and Ancient Gypsy. We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams. There is part of us that can never ever be happy until the gypsy can dance. I have a gypsy soul & this gypsy needs to dance. Calling all gypsy souls out there ~ are you dancing today? 💃💃

  • The Cairo Chronicles - An American Bellydancer who Moves to Egypt to Pursue her Dream

    Aleya is a phenomenal bellydancer in Cairo. She tells fantastic stories of rubbing rhinestones with famous Egyptian bellydancers and having snake charmers serenading outside her apartment because they think she is a wealthy Saudi. But the most amazing part of her life’s story is that she is an American bellydancer who decided to live her dream and move to the heart of the bellydance world.


    Aleya and I go “way back” as dancers. I had the honor of dancing with her when we were both performing in the restaurants and clubs of Los Angeles.  As a bellydancer, it is one thing to be respected by Middle-Easterners living in the United States, but it is entirely different story to perform in the Middle-East.

    I believe that dreams should not be just dreams. The way I see it is that dreams aren't made for sleeping on. They visit with purpose. And yet, I know how difficult it is to follow our dreams.

    I am so inspired by Aleya pursuing such a bold dream, that I asked her to tell her to write her story and share it with us. Enjoy The Cairo Chronicles and let her motivate you to do what you love and love what you do.

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  • Bloom Where you are Planted – How to Find a Career Mentor

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I knew how to do everything included in my job description. I was a bellydancing at a Moroccan restaurant and teaching bellydance classes. My days were filled with obsessively making bellydance costumes, searching for new Middle-Eastern music and rehearsing.  I made some extra money by selling my Goddess Workout video to my dance students that I recently produced. Then, a student, who was a writer for Sex and the City wrote about The Goddess Workout into an episode. Suddenly my life changed. I was in business. I mean business, as in becoming incorporated with stockholders, officers, lawyers, accountants, spreadsheets and an account at Staples. I was thrown into an alternate universe with aliens who spoke a bizarre language. I needed a guide to navigate the new strange world…I needed a mentor.

    Patiently I waited for the equivalent of the 'Career Fairy' to come down and appoint me a divine mentor. But, as I came to find, these types of relationships take chemistry, synergy and trust, none of which happen overnight.


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