Dream Jobs - Do what you love for a living and be a cubicle refugee!

Dream Jobs - Do what you love for a living and be a cubicle refugee!

When you are enamored with your own garbage you are either headed for crazyville or have found your path in life. This morning I swept up my office and was thoroughly captivated by the beauty that lied within my dustpan.  In it were coins from bellydance hipscarves, a piece of abalone shell from Hula class, pink feathers from boas in Burlesque class, pieces of hot pink mylar from cheerleading pom poms and some tiny pearls from who know where.    I know it sounds unbelievable, but it's true: I am in love with my job. GoddessLife headquarters is an unconventional workplace that I created by doing what I love to do: dancing, dressing up and empowering women.  As much as I like to keep it a secret, I do actually have "real work" such as shipping DVD orders to Target that I squeeze in between the 15 classes held at my studio each week.  But I can make even the most tedious work glamorous by strapping on a Brazilian headdress and rhinestone g-string.  I struggle to remember to tone it down when the UPS man comes, though it is a challenge since I own more corsets than khakis.  I love my job, but it wasn't always this way.  

I was fired from my last job of six years.  My boss sat me down over his 18th espresso of his day and started on his tirade by telling me I was a "wild pony".  I was about to say, "thank-you" when he interrupted me with his thick Greek accent to yell at me dramatically, "You are ruining my life" and proceeded to let me go.  Yes, I was bellydancing and technically doing what I loved to do.  However, I had the dubious distinction of working for the grand-prize winners of the ultimate chauvinistic bosses of all time: Middle-Eastern restaurant and night club owners.  If that didn't chip away at my self-worth, imagine making a positive contribution to society if you don't wake up before noon!  Sometimes I wouldn't officially "clock-in" until 11pm and I was lucky: the best dancers in Cairo don't go on until 5am!  I thought I had a productive day if I made it to the post office.  If that didn't make it a crummy job, envision finding a splotch of babaganoush on your new $1500 jewel-encrusted-velvet bellydance costume.

By the time I was fired, I was swamped with running a business, but was afraid to leave the security of my restaurant income.  Being fired was a blessing and helped me to focus on my raison d'etre.  The first time I had a glimpse of my purpose in life happened in NYC when I was studying dance during the day and making a living bellydancing at a Moroccan Restaurant at night.  My dancer friends talked me into teaching a bellydance class at the restaurant.  During the first class I got chills witnessing all the dancers transform into women.  It was empowering for me to dance exclusively for women - the origins of bellydance.  I named my class The Goddess Workout because I believe all women are Goddesses. After that, doors opened up for me and I came to believe that the things that were synchronistic and fell into my lap were the things I belonged doing.  One of my students was a film producer and said lets make a video of your class, which became the first Goddess Workout Video.  At the time, there were no bellydance videos on the market and it was not yet considered fitness. So I took my class out of the restaurant and introduced bellydance into gyms.  My big break happened when one of my students who was taking my class at Crunch Gym wrote The Goddess Workout into an episode of Sex and the City.  Everything changed for me. The DVDs got into Target and sold well, very well.  I opened up my uber-girly clubhouse, The Goddess Center. Bellydance is hotter than ever and my classes are filled-to-capacity.

I don't live on Easy Street now that I am my own boss.  I work later than I did when I was bellydancing at restaurants, I take a lot of risks and still break out in a sweat when someone tells me, "No".  But knowing that I am living my reason for being, makes me feel like the richest woman on Earth.

My best advice for you if you are still struggling to find your purpose in life is to observe the signs you are given.  Do you get the chills when you go to Home Depot? Do you feel passionate about animal rights?  Do you have mad internet skills?  Stop trying so hard to figure it out and give notice when things come effortlessly - like a gift.  Try new things and keep doing all the things you like.  Don't ever feel trapped by current circumstances in your life.  Your path will be illuminated to you because it has been in front of you all along.  If someone can actually make a living by having a fun job such as writing OPI nailpolish names, like "I am not really a waitress", you can have the job of your dreams, too!

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1. Mary Rhudy wrote:
I worked 5 and a half years for the State of Tennessee Department of Children's Services. I was a foster care worker working with children who were in state's custody. I loved the families I worked with and prayed for them daily. My job almost killed me. It wasn't the constant stream of abused children and abusing parents. It was the corruption and the abusive supervisors that almost killed me. I found there were days when I was doing good to have the will to live, let alone have the will to go to work. I got fired when I made some foster parents mad by stabding up the rights of birth parents I was working with. For days I stressed over how I was going to survive without an income. but then I realised, I didn't have the stench of that oorruption hanging around me anymore. yes, I have major money problems, and I rely on god to show me the way nack to financial independence. But I have regained my physical and mental health and my will to live and serve the least of Jesus' brethren. Dolphina is right. When it gets to the point where you have no will to keep going, maybe it is time that you cleansed the poison of a bad job from your life and followed your true calling. Listen to your voice within. It will steer you in the right direction.

Mon, April 21, 2008 @ 1:18 PM

2. Desari wrote:
Thanks, Dolphina! I really needed to read this today! :)

Mon, April 21, 2008 @ 4:51 PM

3. Kim, aka Mermaid Pin-Up wrote:
Spot-On Miss Dolphina!
I love your story & checked inside my heart as I read along. I truly love what I do. Helping people find their nest is absolutely wonderful. It can be like catching a wave at times. Always in search of the perfect wave, preparing for months to find it, wiping out several times, then riding it into shore totally stoked, & on happy juice for days. Then the cycle starts all over again.
Taking classes at the Goddess Center always helps me stay centered & enjoy the journey.

Wed, April 23, 2008 @ 1:51 PM

4. Garden Of Eden wrote:
Thank you Dolphina! This has helped me to remember that I am blessed to have found the phenomenal path I am on. I have always loved working with animals and helping others create that unique bond of understanding with thier pets. And being a dog trainer I get do be an integral part of that communication everyday! Wheather its rehabilitating an abused dog or helping a family teach thier dog to "shake" I get to continue building bridges of hope and love.

Sun, April 27, 2008 @ 1:42 PM

5. Shalina wrote:
Thank you Dolphina! I have a few of your videos and just now visited your website and blog. I already feel empowered by the uplifting and positive comments written daily on this site. It is so true that if you are not happy at work, (where you spend 8+ hours of your day) then you should find something that fulfills you and go for it!

Thu, July 31, 2008 @ 11:35 AM

6. Janice wrote:
I SO appreciated this pot Dolphina! I wrote a comment on a previous post, which I should have saved for here.

You're right about the importance of doing what you love--and only what you love. I ignored the signs for a long long time. I let life sweep me here and there, and because I am good at adapting I acceled at what came along, but I wasn't happy; I never felt I was in the right place. Then, things started collapsing- a big relationship fell apart, my work environment turned toxic, nothing I did was right or good enough. So, I risked everything, moved across the country took another job in the same field, was successful at it, but Hurricane Katrina wiped me out. TALK ABOUT A WAKE UP CALL. After laying low for a year recovering from loosing everything, I took yet another job in the same line of work, IN SPITE of all the red flags, and this time, it nearly killed me. So, I quit. no back ups or anything, I just quit.
This past year was very tricky to navigate the fear, but the universe provided for me in miraculous ways, and in the midst of figuring out the events of the last four years,I opened my online jewelry shop called Goddess Findings...jewels for the spirit with nothing but things I had made when I dabbled in it while holding my other big jobs. Even though I spent most of the year trying to keep food in the cabinets, the store and its meager successes acted as a goddess shield for me, and I know it won't be long until I have my own successful brick and mortar store! Jewelry is my PASSION, second only to music and I am currently crafting a life that includes my piano, my jewelry, my writing, and of course--my bellydancing!
Thank you Dolphina, you are such an inspiration!

Fri, August 8, 2008 @ 4:29 PM

7. Christina wrote:
Thank you so much for including this in your newsletter for this month!! I recently got fired from my job because my boss decided that my job was, "not a good fit" for me, and to be honest I'm glad they fired me. I hated my job, but was to afraid to quit because of fear of whether or not I'd be able to find something else, and now I HAVE too! But I also feel like I have been blessed with this unique opportunity to figure out what I want to do, and couldn't be more thankful for people like you who help to inspire me to find something I really love. So THANK YOU Dolphina!!

Sun, February 28, 2010 @ 12:11 PM

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