Dream Jobs - Do what you love for a living and be a cubicle refugee!

I love my job! It’s crazy, but I adore it more than breakfast in bed. And that’s saying a lot! GoddessLife headquarters is an unconventional workplace that I created by doing what I love to do: dancing, dressing up and empowering women to discover their own path. I found my purpose in life, but it wasn’t always this way.

I was fired from my last job of six years.  My boss sat me down over his 18th espresso of his day and started on his tirade by telling me I was a "wild pony".  I was about to say, "thank-you" when he interrupted me with his thick Greek accent to yell at me dramatically, "You are ruining my life" and proceeded to let me go.  Yes, I was bellydancing and technically doing what I loved to do. 

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