Cardio Burlesque - A Striptease Workout



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Get ready to sizzle in the most glamorous workout ever created!

In this liberating cardio workout, fitness goddess Dolphina will teach you cabaret-style moves that are simple to execute and will sculpt and define your entire body.

Learn to strut with confidence so you can perform a private dance for your man, jazz up a girl’s night out, or be the center of attention on stage.

Discover what every great seductress knows—the art of the tease!

The Cardio Burlesque Workout includes:
Showgirl stance
Inner bombshell warm-up
Struts & kicks
Bumps & grinds
Shimmies & shakes
At-home routine

DVD Extras:
Bonus Performance by Dolphina
"Lingerie 101" - Modern lingerie fashions have been heavily influenced by Burlesque style. Discover all the sassy lingerie options that every goddess should know!