Every woman is a goddess. Pass it on.

Every woman is a goddess. Pass it on.

Where did it all begin? Did competition among women start with the story of Snow White and the evil Step Mother who was envious of her being the fairest of them all? That tale certainly teaches little girls many insidious lessons about competition between women. I suppose the origin does not matter.  But I harbor a secret belief that if I find the source of this wickedness in women, I will be able to pull it out right at the root. I wish that I could eradicate the pervasive contest women have with each other with one swift yank.  Since I am not that powerful, I figure there is only one way for us to purge this rivalry. Each one of us needs to acknowledge that every woman is a goddess and then pass it on.

In my opinion, a goddess is a powerful woman. She knows that she has an essence that is exclusive to her that is pure, perfect and exquisite right now and forever. She has unique gifts to give the world. She is sensual and feminine.  She is confident that she is capable of anything she puts her mind to.  

We all might have a different definition of what a goddess is, but I am sure we can agree on one thing. Women can be destructive, hurtful and downright vicious towards other female classmates, coworkers, colleagues, friends and family members.  This behavior is not only damaging to our relationships with other women, but hurts us as individuals. It may appear as innocent gossip, but once you hear your friend speak harshly towards another woman, you cannot help to wonder (consciously or unconsciously) what she says behind your back.  I believe that gossip and general rivalry erodes away at ourcore foundation of confidence in our self. If we compete with other women over men, looks, jobs, clothes and children, we are dooming ourselves to a lifetime of perpetual insecurity.

We don’t even recognize how much damage competing with other women does to our self-esteem.  We don’t make the connection between self-confidence and gossiping.  But, think about how often you criticize yourself in front of other women. Why do we choose to dim our radiant spirit? Because we have just heard our friend rip to shreds a colleague, friend, boss or even a celebrity. Fearing our friend will interpret our accomplishments as her own defeat, we apologize for and minimize our successes and looks.Seeing our lives as a grand contest among women is exhausting and robs us ofthe chance to make women our allies.

Who better than other women to understand what we are going through - on the job, with men, in friendships, with our family?  With whom should we join together for women's causes?  But we cannot expect other women to join us in a powerful sisterhood if we are continually reminding ourselves that these very women are our enemies.

Truth is, women can lift each other’s spirits so easily with a compliment. We often pay a flattering remark to complete strangers for their fashion sense with saying, “Nice purse, dress, shoes.” What if we took this lovely attribute into other areas of our complex lives? What if you said to a coworker, “That is an excellent Power Point Presentation”?  Or what if you told your neighbor, “You’re a good mother”.  Or a woman at your gym, “You have great abs”.  I think it would make such a difference if we recognized other women’s strengths and complimented each other on them. I believe it could unify us ultimately.

While this thought might appear naïve, over simplified and difficult to do – it’s a place to start and worth a try. We are not here on Earth to judge each other.  Let’scome together and build a solid foundation of a powerful sisterhood.

Every woman is a goddess. Pass it on.



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1. lisa wrote:
I love you Dolphina, this felt so good to read today. Wish the whole world could figure this out sooner. The feminine energy is what's needed to heal this planet. I want to see a Real Goddesses show one day, showing women able to love and enjoy each other and have fun with one another. Slowly winning over the girl bullies that don't know the power of their inner goddesses.

Mon, July 27, 2009 @ 8:47 AM

2. Shelia wrote:
Dolphina, this is why you are my role model of the type of person I want to be. This has been my thinking for some time now, and I find myself doing just what you say, giving out compliments to women who might not hear it often, and sometimes, even to those who do. It makes me feel good, as a woman, to be able to bring love to someone who might really need it. Love makes the world go round, and it is one of my jobs here, to spread that word. Keep being fabulous...Many women out there need you, and need your positive input on the world. You truly are a Goddess!!

Mon, July 27, 2009 @ 6:31 PM

3. Christina wrote:
Thank you so much for writing this. :)

Mon, July 27, 2009 @ 7:38 PM

4. Tami wrote:
Thank you. :)

Tue, July 28, 2009 @ 5:26 AM

5. laurel white wrote:
Instead of comparing ourselves to one another, we really should look at what makes us alike. We all need love, acceptance and to feel appreciated.
Goddess energy comes from within, not from being "better" than someone else. Many judge themselves and their worth by how others respond to them, this is sad. However, one Goddess @ a time we can transform this hurting planet into a loving accepting place.
We only have one chance at life, make it count. Practice random acts of kindness and watch what happens.
Has anyone noticed how difficult it is for people to accept a compliment? How well do you?
I am very thankful for Dolhina, her magic is helping to transform me into the Goddess I was meant to be.Thank You.

Fri, August 7, 2009 @ 9:53 AM

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