Frequently Asked Questions about The Goddess Workout Teacher Training and License Programs

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How much is the online Teacher Training?

$400 for either the Bellydance Teacher Training or Burlesque Teacher Training.

What does this include?

Please view overview to see all that this includes and what the courses cover.

What do I have to do to become a Goddess Workout Instructor?

Please visit our process on Teacher Training Overview

What are the requirements for taking the Teacher Training?
· Register and complete Online Course
· Familiar with and working knowledge of Dolphina’s Goddess Workout DVDs
· Desire to empower other women

Do I need to be an expert dancer or have a perfect body to teach The Goddess Workout?
No, the three requirements are listed above.

What reasons have other women taken The Goddess Workout Teacher Training and what have they done once they have become certified?
Women who take The Goddess Workout Teacher Training have shared with me that the courses served to deepen their own dance practice and to empower them on their own personal journey. After certification, licensed instructors have applied their training to teaching at The Goddess Center, gyms, dance studios, and spas around the world. Many teachers have fused the core principles of their training with other forms of dance to create their own unique classes. Some women take this training of dance, fun, and empowerment to refuel themselves from their busy day-to-day lives as doctors, agents, dentists, mothers, artists, healers and students.

Will I receive a certificate?
You will receive a certificate as an authorized Goddess Workout instructor once you complete the course and show proof of liability insurance.Set up your Career Coaching Consultation with Dolphina. You must complete your training within a month of your registration.

How much is liability insurance?
There are resources and prices included in our course materials, but typically insurance runs from $180-$300.

Where can I teach The Goddess Workout?
You may teach The Goddess Workout anywhere. Many women teach The Goddess Workout at gyms, spas, dance studios, YWCAs, yoga studios.

The teacher training programs include an initial consultation, but if you need more you may purchase additional consultations.

How much money can I make?
This will depend on how often you teach, where you teach, prices of your classes and promotion. The GoddessLife Teacher Training manual will give you the basics of creating your own marketing and business plans. We can also discuss this with you in more detail during your consultation with a certified Goddess Workout instructor.

How long does the Course take to complete & when can I begin teaching?
Completion of the course varies from each individual Goddess. You must arrange the consultation with GoddessLife Headquarters within a month of your registration. You may begin teaching anytime after you show proof of your liability insurance.

Online Teacher Training Courses are non-refundable.