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Misty Poitras

Because ALL women should feel like sexy Goddesses!! I began belly dancing about 4 years ago and fell in love. Any exercise that makes a woman feel that good is a must-do for all woman of any shape and size. I love the natural healing arts am a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki practitioner and I just think that belly dancing goes along with everything good for you in life. It just makes you smile. Ive also started to learn Ayurvedic practices including Yoga and I am learning Hoop Dance. Shimmy Shimmy Shake!! Licensed 09/11

Angi Davis ‘Morrighan’

Spruce Grove
Because life should be celebrated! Bellydance lifts the spirit and builds confidence while encouraging women to love their bodies as they are. Have fun and awaken your divine spirit while learning the fundamentals of this beautiful dance. Not to mention getting a fantastic workout. I started following the Goddess Workout six years ago and have been shimmying ever since. My goal is to help women connect to their inner Goddess and harness their power as women. Since discovering how much fun exercise can be, I’ve also started to learn Bollywood dance and Hoop dance. I invite women of all ages and body types to join me in getting active and having fun. Licensed 04/09



"Lolita" Maria Prassinou

My goal is to share The Goddess Workout in my country. I graduated from the National University of Architecture in Greece and I have the following degrees in dance: Intermediate Foundation from the R.A.d in ballet, Advance 1 from the I.S.T.D in modern dance, Associate degree of the Latin Faculty from the I.D.T.A. and the Full Bronze Professional Degree in Latin and Ballroom Dances. Licensed 11/12



Alcarine Power

A mum of two, I've been a fan and follower of the Goddess workout since I first took Dolphina's class at Bodies in Motion. I am now back in Ireland. Although I still take bellydancing classes, I haven't anything with quite the same energy and sense of fun as Dolphina's and I am excited to introduce The Goddess Workout to an Irish audience. I also teach yoga. I specialise in pre and post natal yoga. I work with two women's groups (Association for Improvements in Maternity Services Ireland and Home Birth Assocaition) on maternity issues and empowering women to have the best birth possible.The eldest of four daughters, I guess spending my time trying to empower women was a natural choice. My poor Dad doesn't know what to ask at the dinner table.Licensed 04/09



Sylvana Brannon


I physically reside in Malta (I moved here from Canada 6 years ago) but my spirit is all over the place and I don’t feel attached to anywhere in particular! I personally started bellydancing 10 years ago therapeutically, as a way of getting in touch with my feminine side, which I had shut down following childhood sexual abuse.  It was a point of no return for me, as I completely embraced the Goddess Att-itt-ude with a Capital A!!  One of the companies I currently manage is focused on supporting women through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond through various empowering activities.  Bellydancing is one of the favourites because it helps the pregnant and new mums feel GREAT about their changing body, celebrate their life-giving Goddess force, and get back into shape at their own rhythm... and their babies are welcome in our classes! Licensed 04/09



Desideria is a professional dancer in many classic and ethnic styles and has been into fitness, natural health and healing for over 2 decades. She is a highly acclaimed performer on the North Eastern Belly dance scene. Known for her class, elegance and innovative artistry, she has progressed immensely as a performer and instructor in the last 7-8 years. She is a cancer survivor since 2009. She is a devout new age spiritulist. She has taken belly dance and fitness as a way to help her healing process. She also is obtaining certification as a natural health consultant, Reiki practitioner and Zumba instructor. She wishes to utilize her dance training, natural health knowledge and spiritulism as a way to help heal and empower other women. Licensed 5/10


Samantha Lynn Abraham


A goddess of water is always born to be graceful. This Samoan Pisces has been descended from the Gods to find her place in the belly dancing world waiting to unleash the goddess in you. Samantha is here to inspire, empower, and give women a blissful kiss of beauty to encourage them to love their bodies, and to conquer the world through the exotic art of belly dance. She believes that keeping our womanly figure tuned inside and out is a must in order to live a long, happy and healthy life. Join the fun with a “little shake & a little shimmy”!
Licensed 04/09


Fationa (Ona) Aliaj


Language has always been a fundamental part of my life.  As a child I lived in many countries, which allowed me to experience many different languages and cultures.Because of my upbringing, I was exposed not only to my native language of Albanian but to many other languages as well (I now speak five languages fluently).  As an adult, I have continued this passion for language and culture by pursuing a Masters in Spanish and a second MA in Applied Linguistics.  I am currently working on my PhD in Postsecondary and Higher Education.

Just as language is a fundamental part of my makeup, so too is dance. I have always been a dancer.  I began with ballet and traditional folk dancing early in my life, and as I grew older I moved to jazz, hip hop, pop, ballroom, and ultimately belly dance. 

One of my favorite quotes says that learning a language is possessing a new soul.  I feel the same way about belly dance; when you learn to bellydance, it transforms you into a new, feminine, powerful version of yourself. Belly dance represents for me the passion I have for female empowerment.  Just a hip shimmy or a hip snake is so empowering to me. Belly dance allows women to cultivate a positive body image by appreciating the power and ability that our bodies possess.  

I believe that aside from the amazing workout benefits of belly dance, women revive their feminine spirit and empower themselves and others through celebration of our gifts and talents.  I teach The Goddess Workout bellydance classes at a  Women Center owned by one of the princesses here and love it. This is my only chance to get in touch with Saudi women. So, it's nice to get Saudi perspective because in compounds there are no Saudis allowed. I will be here for a total of 4 years, then return to Portland. That's where I will open the Goddess Center in the Northwest.  The goal of this center will be to bring women together in a non-competitive environment that celebrates community and sisterhood. Licensed 04/09 



Courtney Mico Nelson

Courtney applied her Goddess Workout Teacher Training to Tibetan Heart Yoga with an emphasis on the Goddess within each student. Her classes are uplifting experiences that leave one feeling rejuvenated with a compassionate spirit. Licensed 04/04



Riverside, California
Krisanna Marie (Hula-La’s) classes are full of sensuality and ultra femininity using jazzy and sultry music. Bringing with her a background of fitness, rock n' roll, hoopdance, and a professional burlesque-striptease career she encourages individuals to channel their own sense of creativity, sexiness and self love through imagination and movement. Her classes allow individuals to experience alternative ways to becoming fit, flexible and fabulous. You will have a fun yet challenging dance work out through this bodacious bombshell experience Licensed 03/10


San Francisco
Painting by Irina Negulescu
Flavia is an experienced dancer whose career includes two seasons as an NFL dancer, five years as a cheerleading instructor, three years of acrobatic co-ed college cheerleading, and over five years of coaching professional dancers. After becoming certified as a bellydance instructor by GoddessLife, Flavia has incorporated those principles into her coaching and work. Flavia is currently working on combining Belly Dance movements with another dance form called Aerial Tissu, in which the dancer is suspended up to forty feet in the air on lengths of fabric. Licensed 8/07 [under construction],

Kali Sundari

Westlake Village
A professional bellydancer from Ventura County, Kali encourages students to appreciate, enjoy, and celebrate their bodies. She teaches a creative blend of American Cabaret, Tribal, and Modern Egyptian styles. Kali hopes to pass on to her students the GoddessLife philosophy that "every woman is a goddess," because every woman is! Licensed 04/05, 818-445-9601,

Sandy Weeks "Sandhya"

Pleasant Hill

Sandy was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and exposed to many artistic endeavors while growing up. Working in Public Safety and the Medical Field most her life she learned early about the need for Fitness and Strength. She taught Aerobics in 1980’s and helped coach young women who were entering Public Safety. While maturing, she understood the need for a gentler and more sensible approach to fitness, and started to Bellydance. The Goddesslife Curriculum helped her embrace this newfound maturity and Mind / Body connection. Her skills of teaching aerobics and technical topics helped build curriculum teaching Bellydance to the “Boomer Generation”, as well as Childrens Bellydance Sandy has penned articles and blogs referring to the Bellydance Boomer generation “nick naming” them Bellydance Crones. Sandy continues to mentor and coach women professionally and personally. Visit her personal site at for links to information regarding her Goddesslife Courses, Bellydance, Body, Mind and Spirit portals. (925) 595-6797. Licensed 04/09


Los Angeles
Celestria is a longtime student of the Goddess Center; she trained under Dolphina. She draws the best from all the instructors and incorporates it into her own style, making her classes sassy, sensual, and energetic. She encourages her students to get their sexy on while getting a great workout. Licensed 08/07

Kim Blish, "Shimmy Kimmy"

Santa Monica
Kim has been practicing the Goddess Workout for nearly a decade, and was certified to instruct in 2004. Her teaching style strikes a healthy balance between work and play, concentrating on proper technique, while also embracing the endless fun and freedom that bellydancing allows. While Kim teaches all ages, her specialty is working with teen Goddesses. Licensed 04/04

Cookie "Serenity"

Redondo Beach
Cookie is a bellydancer and a former high school cheerleader. She embraces a mind/body philosophy in all her workouts and believes that every woman is a Goddess. She brings this philosophy to both Cheerleading and Bellydance classes at The Goddess Center. She is captain of "The Cupcakes," a Cheer Squad she led to cheering for the minor league football team The Tide. She also taught Cheerleading and Prenatal Bellydance during her pregnancy to the only man allowed into The Goddess Center…Chase Davidson. Licensed 04/05


Los Angeles
Magrethe's love of travel and studying different cultures took her to dozens of countries around the world and inspired her to study world dances. Her particular love of Brazilian music and dance brought her to her favorite travel spot, Brazil, to study various forms of Brazilian dances from master instructors. After taking The Goddess Workout Teacher training, she incorporated with great joy and enthusiasm the spirit of Brazil to her class. This Sambista will teach irresistible bunda shaking steps to the many styles of Brazilian Samba. Licensed 8/07


Hiwa (pronounced he-va) Born in Honolulu, Hiwa incorporated her Goddess Workout Teacher Training to create Island Goddess Workout exclusively taught at The Goddess Center. She teaches dance motions from such beautiful places as Hawaii and Tahiti. It is a non-aerobic workout that works the entire body, including the hips, abs and thighs. Hiwa's teaching style is welcoming, fun, and loving... and be happy wearing your bikini. Licensed 04/05


Playa del Rey
Luna is a high-energy goddess who focuses on maximizing the cardio benefits of bellydance, burlesque, and cheer. Her upbeat classes encourage women to add their own style and flair to the basic movies while breaking a sweat and getting a thoroughly fun workout. Luna places special emphasis on inspiring her students to take their moves to the dance floor at parties, clubs, and events. Licensed 04/04

Carolina Lorena

San Diego
Carolina Lorena offers bellydance as a way to find inspiration, develop poise, nurture a strong, positive self-image, and most of all have fun! As a body worker and craniosacral therapist, Carolina Lorena stresses the importance of honoring the body as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Licensed 08/07


Katherine Ewald

Castle Rock
My goal is to allow more creative movement to come through teaching moves over and over, has satisfield my inner creative self. Also to learn more and pass that along to other woman.In 1988, I graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy. Now Cortiva. Being a massage therapist you become educated, with the human body, and a deeper respect which led me into Bellydancing.  I believe in taking care of our bodies.Belly dancing is an amazing movement .It gives you a in depth awareness of your physical & emotional self.  In my class you will discover your inner power& tap into your Goddess feminine energy. You will achieve a great workout and it allows you to be creative. Come learn the art of Belly dance with veils. Licensed: 2/10

Michelle Cole

About 6 years ago, I decided that if I were to ever win my battle with weight, I'd need to find something that was exercise and fun.  My search ultimately lead me to Dolphina and I love how she explains Belly Dance as a dance for women by women, as a celebration of the Goddess.  It's also about enjoying your body right now, as it is.  I decided if I was going to defeat the loathing I held for my own body, I had to do two things.  I needed to learn to love it right now, regardless of it's shape and size-and I had to find things that I enjoyed that got it moving. So, I changed my perspective and decided to simply learn how to Belly Dance.  I wasn't exercising anymore, I was learning, and it has made all the difference in the world. You must MAKE the time to do it, and enjoy it for what it is: Time for YOU.  Licensed 04/09


Janette Janero-Stoudt


Janette is a certified group exercise instructor who encourages you to unleash your femininity. She began training in Belly Dance in 2002. Since then, Janette has taken every opportunity to pursue the advanced studies of this beautiful from of feminine expression.  One of her greatest joy as an instructor is introducing women to this art form and helping them discover their unique beauty as it is reflected through Belly Dancing. Licensed 9/09 


Jeanie has been practicing bellydance since 1998.  She has also studied yoga and pilates.  She is certified to teach the Goddess Workout created by Dolphina..  She believes bellydance is for women of all ages and stages of life..  She encourages women to take care of their mind, body, and spirit.   Licensed 04/09


Fortunada Amr

Fortunada Amr has been enjoying belly dance since 2002, and is a longtime devotee of Middle Eastern culture, music and dance. Through dance, Fortunada has found expression, interpretation and passion. She performs as a solo artist and is also a troupe member of Daughters of the Nile. She has danced at restaurants, stage performances, birthday parties, parades and charities. She continues to study with some of the finest dancers and performers in the Southeast. Fortunada currently teaches cardio belly dance for fitness at several gyms and studios. Licensed 5/10


Laura Crittendon "Lihau Pua"

Kailua-Kona, The Big Island

My goal is to broaden and deepen my knowledge in this ancient-based art form of self expression and freedom. I am a fellow seeker on the path, I am a fun, creative, energetic, intuitive, and highly transformational and powerful woman. I seek to help women (and men) to access and channel their Inner Dancer as a means of liberation and freedom. I am a lifelong Yogini, Dancer, Thespian, Meditator, Student, and Teacher. I live on the healing Big Island of Hawaii in Kailua-Kona with my husband and our three Boston Terriers. Licensed 12/10

"Ianira" Holly Gates

Hilo, The Big Island of Hawaii
Holly inspires students through dance to reach their full Goddess potential. The philosophy behind the Goddess Workout brings an awareness of self through the mind–body connection, creating healing within and without. A strong, confident, and graceful YOU emerges through the love and laughter. Licensed 08/07


Krystle Hope

Ingleside in McHenry County - Northern Illinois

Krystle Hope is a mother, military wife, and a passionate belly dancer dedicated to empowering women. Krystle has been dancing for over 5 years and she is a certified Goddess Workout Belly Dance Instructor through GoddessLife. Krystle practices and teaches Goddess belly dance, also called spiritual belly dance or sacred belly dance. Belly dance has helped Krystle overcome her self-conscious demeanor and poor body image and inspired her to start living a healthier lifestyle, something that she shares with her students. Krystle is on a lifelong journey to empower women to be the confident and beautiful Goddesses they really are, and she is learning more about herself every step of the way.  Licensed 4/12


Candice A. Nieves

St. John
I love the goddess workout and what it has done for me and my confidence. I want the women in my class to leave feeling beautiful, sexy, and empowered. I have been searching for several years for the right venue for a class like this and am ecstatic to have finally found one whose beliefs are the same. I want the women in my class to leave feeling challenged physically and mentally. We are our harshest critics and I want to challenge that negativity and put the power back into the hands of the strong beautiful woman inside all of us. I am 28 years old and have been doing the goddess workout for about 6 years. I work for a biopharmaceutical company that makes treatments for rare blood diseases. I enjoy that my job helps people and saves lives. I have never been excited about the "traditional" workouts, but dancing has always been fun for me. My mom introduced me to The Goddess Workout dvds and I have been hooked ever since. Licensed 8/12


Larain Ashby

I have taught Martial Arts for over 30 years and Yoga since 1994 in the tri-state area. Then I decided to take on the art of Belly Dancing. After repeatedly practicing Dolphina’s DVD’s I began to see the therapeutic values received. While regaining some of my lost femininity I realized I wanted to become one her instructors.  My students are growing in confidence and embracing their womanhood. It’s a joyous thing to see come about. Dophina’s positive philosophy for all aspects of life is appreciated by all my students and myself. The foundation techniques are the most important tools of Belly Dance, without it a person won’t progress.  Therefore my class focus is on a good foundation of proper techniques, freedom of mind-body-spirit movements, and camaraderie.  Being a certified Tae Kwon Do instructor, Yoga instructor, Yogaball instructor,  Multiple Sclerosis MS Yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, Tai Chi instructor as well as a wife, mother and grandmother was complete. Now as a certified Belly Dance instructor I can begin a new adventure for my life.  I currently teach Kinesiology Classes, including Belly Dance, for Owensboro Community and Technical College, OCTC. I also teach Belly Dance classes at the YMCA.  Licensed 12/09


Peggy "Sphinx" Naquin

Akasha Blonde Belly Dance

Covington, Louisiana
As a cancer survivor, I have a new outlook on this beautiful world. This new prospective I have gained has blossomed with my love of dance into something comforting and spiritual, as I have gained the knowledge of rehabilitation through dance. I will be patient and sympathetic to your every need as you learn this ancient art. I have taken Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Tap, Dance Meditation, Hip Hop, Gymnastics and Cheerleading, as well as, various long term belly dance classes in Tribal Fusion, Cabaret, and Egyptian Dance. At Akasha Blonde, we will motivate you to love yourself in every aspect imaginable. You will find out just how beautiful, intelligent, dignified, sensual, sacred, and special you are. Licensed 04/10

Lisa "Lilavati" aka "Li La"  


Li La is a woman with a passion for health and sensuality. Since 2001, Li La has worked as a certified group exercise instructor, fitness dance instructor, as well as a Personal Trainer. In addition, she also created "The D Spot", a sensual fitness dance class that enables women to add a little sass to their workouts. Li La is driven by her love for fitness and openness and is always exploring new ways to share that love. She believes everyone can move with grace, but they must first free themselves of their inhibitions. And now that she is licensed to teach The Goddess Workout, she loves encouraging women to get physical while getting in touch with their feminine spirit. Li La is excited to bring The Goddess Workout: Bellydance and Burlesque to the Northshore of New Orleans! In her classes she has only one rule...leave your inhibitions at the door and have FUN! Licensed 04/09  Email: Website:


Donna "Annalia"

Annalia was born in Cairo and has been drawn to the dance ever since. She began ballet dancing, but finally gave into her deep desire to learn to bellydance. After being licensed to teach The Goddess Workout, her goal is to present the joy of bellydancing and the freedom of spirit that accompanies it. Licensed 04/04

Susanne Staal "Rhiannon"

Rhiannon is certified to teach the Goddess workout designed by Dolphina. Rhiannon believes this style of bellydance is not only fun, but can help women of all ages and abilities find the joys and healing effects of this ancient art form. She incorporates Goddess imagery into her workouts, along with ritual and affirmations to create a truly unique experience. Licensed 08/07,


Rev. Merrie Hutchins, PhD "Amira Hamzar"

Rapid City
An award-winning choreographer, Amira has been studying the ancient art of Raks Sharki for eight years, learning from as many instructors and vides as possible, including the Goddess Workout. The spiritual and empowering aspects of Bellydance were a perfect fit for Amira who in her other life is a licensed Spiritual Counselor and Healer. Amira applies the healing and empowering aspects of dance in her classes and she teaches Folkloric, American Cabaret and Tribal Bellydance, African, Indian, Brazilian and Polynesian.  Licensed 04/09 (under construction) 231-313-5577

Mylitta La Fae


She is The Mystic with a Twist. She has both studied and taught Performing, Healing and Spiritual Arts for the past 20 years, As a GoddessLife Certified Burlesque Instructor, Mylitta has combined these Arts to create a holistic, fully embodied experience in her classes, workshops and performances. From the Sacred to the Sexy, this Modern Day Mystic will cast a spell of enchantment and have you wielding your personal alchemy with ease, style, and grace! Sign up for weekly classes or book your private party or workshop now! Licensed 01/13


Jenny Kroska

St. Cloud
Belly Dance has become a favorite pastime of mine and is proving to be an always learning dance style.  After getting divorced from an abusive marriage and taking time for some deep soul searching I realized that I have a passion for the art of belly dance and Latin style dancing.  It took a lot of courage to take a community education class in belly dance but I was hooked after the first class. This began my internet search, which led me to the Goddess Life Workout DVD’s.  Since then (2001) I have taught myself belly dance through Dolphina and various other home videos.   Belly dancing makes me feel good about myself, emotionally and mentally strong, and accepting of my body when I’m dancing.  The elegance, grace, fluidity, and feeling of power are indescribable.  After my 2nd baby I decided that certification was the way to go because even still there is not an outlet for me locally to belly dance………..why wait for someone else to start classes when I can empower women of all ages and sizes through the art of belly dance and help them to find their potential as a woman.  Licensed 04/09


St. Cloud

I started belly dancing several years ago as an effective cardiovascular exercise and for its superior abdominal toning benefits.  When I found Dolphina, she brought belly dancing to a new “spiritual” level for me and helped me to discover and embrace my inner goddess.  Belly dancing helps me to leave my stressful world of routine, expectations and schedules behind and sets me free to feel beautiful, sexy and confident.  There is an indescribable release and self-assurance that happens when I dance; the chakras are open and the inner goddess takes flight; inhibition is thrown to the wind and I feel renewed.  It is an extremely empowering transformation, and it has become my life’s passion to bring the gift of belly dance to other women!  I want all women to experience the power of belly dancing so they can celebrate their inner goddess, their bodies, and a long and happy life! Licensed 01/10. Contact at 320-255-1545 


Christina Tillia


I belly dance to share, encourage, express and EMPOWER. I am inspired and I inspire. My strength encourages other women to recognize their own strength and I am made more beautiful by being surrounded by others beauty. I dance to feel and I feel by dance. It is my pleasure to serve the being that is innate self esteem. I am also a Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Massage Therapy Instructor. I have been a practicing massage therapist for 9 years, an instructor for 4 years, and owned my own practice for 7 years. This year celebrates 25 years of me in dance (started when I was 3... you can do the math! hehehe). I really got into bellydancing 5 years ago when 4 months after my parents divorce, my boyfriend of 2 years wanted to get me a ring and instead... broke up with me. I decided that I had a choice, i could grieve in a detrimental fashion... or do EVERYTHING positive for myself. I enrolled immediately in a bellydance class at my local college.. and WOW! I had no IDEA that my body could do THAT!!! I was totally unleashed and expressive AND I got to dance without needing a partner! Licensed 2/12



Long Island
Jessamina teaches The Goddess Workout to women of all ages, reminding them that no matter what their phase in life - maiden, mother, or grandmother - she is sacred, and sexy, and fun! She teaches and hosts Bellydance Classes, Gifts, Ladies' Parties, Workshops, and Conventions! Licensed 8/07,

Elizabeth (Betty) Ladd


My name is Elizabeth Ladd, and I prefer to be called Betty for short. I have been  Belly Dancing for over 20 years with the last 8 years involved in teaching this ancient art form.

Over the years I have met several beautiful women that have inspired me to become a better dancer, better instructor and more simply to master a movement with beauty and grace.  Belly Dancing has given me confidence all along; in dance and through out my working career as a Health Information Professional in a local large teaching university hospital.

My personal motto and confidence booster are what I call the "3 T's".  Walk TALL, Stand TALL, Dance TALL and remember to smile and smile all the time. I have been practicing the "3 T's" all along and I must say that my spirits have been lifted and others have noticed this also.  The "3 T's"  have helped  me whenever my spirits are down, and just conquering some of life's obstacles that I have dealt with.  Smiling often is from FiFi Abdoe, a famous Egyptian Belly Dancer, and Actress/Comedian.

Becoming a part of the Goddess Life Community has renewed my commitment to honor women and help them feel absolutely wonderful about themselves not just in dance but in real life. Licensed 04/09

Coriena Loren

Port Jefferson Station, New York

Coriena Loren began her love for Middle Eastern dance in 2002, when she first attended Sashas studio. What began as simply a weekly class soon blossomed into her passion. Through out the years she has had the opportunity to study with many instructors such as Sasha, Roni Yaari, Keashi, Tamalyn Dallal, Yasmine, Suhaila Salimpour, Elishiva, Serpentessa, Olivia “Lolani” Mayers, Sera, Jamilla al Wahid, Rashid, Bozenka, Racheal Brice, Ayeshe, and many others. In addition to co-founding Majestic Hips, she was a member of Roni’s Inner Spirit Dance Troupe, The Kali Tribal Fusion and also one of Sasha’s beloved dancers. She has completed Tamalyn Dallals teachers training course and Faten Salama's Egyptian Certification. Coriena also holds a BA degree in Psychology and Art and a Masters in Art Therapy. Coriena is a Registered and Board Certified Art Therapist working with families that have been victims of domestic violence. As a therapist and a dancer her goal is to inspire and empower women. Her classes are aimed to awaken the inner Goddess that lives in all of us! For more information and contact information please go to Licensed 02/13

Michelle Cromb

Holbrook, Long Island

I have been a certified aerobics instructor since 1985 but stopped teaching to raise my sons. In 2004 I found Dolphina's Goddess Life DVD's and purchased all of them. One day while trying to learn the moves my husband came home looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, looked at Dolphina on the TV, and said " Yea right, like you will be able to dance like that". A few months later he suffered a tragic motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for over a year.He is currently still in a nursing home and has been for eight years. Trying to care for my husband while raising and supporting my three young sons was very stressful. A friend had said to me "Michelle you need to find something you love and do it for yourself". I turned to Dolphina and I came back to life. I felt like a woman and I started to feel like a Goddess. In the following years I turned to Dolphina's DVD's to take me away to her peaceful and sensual world of Belly Dance. In 2010, I found a gym that offered a Belly Dance Class and within a few months of taking the class, the owner asked me if I would be interested in teaching it. I turned to Dolphina and signed up to be a Goddess Life Belly Dance and Burlesque Instructor and I have been teaching women how to be a Goddess through Belly Dance and Burlesque Dance ever since. So yeah, I can dance like that. Licensed 03/10

Marie Taber"Samira"

I teach women to honor their inner Goddess Through the rhythms of the Earth, music and our own bodies. The Goddess Workout videos and music helped me to heal after a serious ankle injury! Using them as part of my physical therapy, in my own home were exactly what I needed. I am the herbalist at our local Renaissance festival,a teacher of Wicca at our local Pagan center, & with my husband run our "Circle Of The Greenwood And Standing Stone", a celebratory Goddess - faith group. We have Reiki level 2,working on our Master level.  We also have a farm called Taber's Greenwood & Standing Stone Farm,raising organic produce,eggs etc. Licensed 04/09


Adina Klima

Adina has been dancing since 2001 -- through the births of her two daughters, through pharmacy school and certifications in fitness and nutrition, through in depth study of human potential, she discovered her true essence. "Through it all I danced, and allowed the dance to transform me." I've been belly dancing since 2001, performing with a troupe in Columbia, Missouri from 2001 to 2012 (minus the one year I lived in San Francisco...). In 2010 I had a very brief experience as a toddler belly dance teacher. ;)  My intention is to provide a safe space for women to explore what they are capable of, and to celebrate each other in just being who we are. I resonate very strongly with GoddessLife and I am very happy to contribute to the expansion of beauty and love in my own way. Licensed 05/013,, 336-813-4477


Prem Siri Kaur


Prem Siri Kaur is a follower of the ancient Goddess tradition! She has been certified in Rebirthing to understand better the power of breath, Alignment Yoga to understand the natural alignment of the body, and Sound Healing to know the power of sound and music on the body & mind. But everything changed when she became certified by Dolphina of GoddessLife to teach the Goddess Workout! This ancient tradition holds many keys, secrets, and treasures for the Feminine aspect of Creation, and Dolphina has done an invaluable job of sharing this knowledge. Today, Tali teaches both group and private classes for women, with a focus on ritual and spiritual energy invoked through sweat and laughter. She has also studied Indian Dances to spice up the practice and invoke the ancient atmosphere even more.  Her specialty is using yogic knowledge to infuse the lesson with Shakti awakening!  Licensed 04/04 Contact Prem Siri Kaur at 610-758-8888

Victoria Ashton Chandler


My name is Victoria Ashton Chandler, but I go by my middle name Ashton. I was always fascinated with the art of belly dance, and became addicted when I first tried it. I have been belly dancing for five years and have learned most of what I know from the GoddessLife with Dolphina DVDs. This exercise program has empowered me and made me feel better about myself in mind, body, and spirit. I cannot wait to do the same for my students and look forward to empowering others using the GoddessLife method of teaching. Licensed January 2010.


Barbara Donahue

When I began studying Belly Dance 7 yrs ago I had no idea what dance/ life book I was opening but it's been amazing.  For the last 3 years I have created events for National Dance week On FaceBook  I have created  "Dream World Dance Week - for the love of all dance"  to try to connect world dancers to each other. Part of my dream mission is to help facilitate getting Mid East/ Oriental/ Belly Dance practices and vocabulary included in USA College Dance departments and dance studios across the country. Barbara, dancing since age 4 is a Ballet / Modern Dance/ Mid East/ Oriental Belly Dancer/Teacher / Performer . BFA in Dance from SUNY Purchase, teaching for 25 years.Her classes for ages 5 - 70  focus on posture, grace, rhythm, healthy body awareness &, fun. Mid East/Oriental Belly Dance is graceful arms, hands, wrists, fingers w/ controlled, rhythmical movements of the torso, hips and feet. Barbara also teaches A Dancer's Pilates w/ weights, 5 rites & body circles .One of Barb's favorite quotes is" You might as well dance!!!!!"" Licensed 04/09  studio 401-338-9905





Perhaps you know Constandina as the third-eye-bindi-wearing-bellydancer from Vh1’s wildly popular “Rock of Love Bus “who asked Bret Michaels if he had yet been “touched by the Goddess”.    She comes from the “foothills of the Appalachian Mountains”, has a Master’s degree in Storytelling , and fully supports Dolphina’s empowering philosophy that “every woman is a Goddess”.    While in college, she worked as a case manager for a domestic violence shelter where she organized annual “Take Back the Night” events, promoted awareness through public speaking, and advocated safety for every woman and child.   She is now happily married and divides her time between Southern California and Nashville, TN.   Constandina is a huge fan and practitioner of Dolphina’s world-renowned Goddess Workout, and is thrilled beyond belief to be on the sacred path to teaching it.  Stay tuned to find out when she will be celebrating the feminine Divine by offering the Goddess Workout as well as the Goddess Workout Cardio Burlesque in the form of classes and workshops around the Nashville area and beyond.  Licensed 06/09



Ronnette Ramirez "Rhani" & "Raqasa Nirvana"


Ronnette encourages her students to breathe in the dance, and exhale their Raqasa souls. By doing this, you will learn the essentials that are necessary to understand a true bellydance workout. From there, she supports the individual to be her own and to love her creation. After attending The Goddess Workout Teacher Training, Rhani began writing for the Health & Fitness section of Bellaonline, with an emphasis on bellydance. She also teaches classes and private sessions in the Houston area. Licensed 04/05
(713) 598-5582,

Heather Mia Says

Houston/Spring/The Woodlands Houston, TX
Heather Says didn't catch the dance bug until she was in her late 20's, but boy does she have it now! Burlesque is all about teaching confidence for her, and she wants you to feel the thrill and excitement too. In addition to being a Goddess Life Burlesque instructor, she is also a certified hoop dance instruction and belly dancer. Life is too short to not feel amazing about yourself, and Burlesque can help you along the way!  337.692.5460 Licensed 2/13

Jasmine Valentine

Jasmine is a contemporary Oriental Dance Artist. She has been dancing professionally for over 30 years. Her dance background other than Middle Eastern dance includes ballet, jazz, modern and flamenco. Although these influences certainly enhance and broaden her dance repertoire, while belly dancing, she strives to keep the dance authentically Middle Eastern. Many teachers influenced her as she learned this beautiful art. Horacio Cifuentes, Suhaila Salimpour, Katherine Ferguson, Siham Ali, Delilah, Dina,Jillina, Mona Said, and Raquia Hassan are all wonderfully learned teachers of the art, to name only a few. Her style is Classical and modern Raks Sharki, Cabaret, and she also dances Turkish Oriental style and American Cabaret. She continues to attend workshops and practices daily. Jasmine is excited for this opportunity to work with Dolphina and GoddessLife.  Licensed 04/09

Robin "Reno" McKinley

Conroe - Houston
My goal is to ultimately open my own studio and teach Goddess Life in the Greater Houston area. I love dancing! My love for dancing started when I took my first belly dancing class. I was hooked immediately. My body never felt more alive - improving my posture, toned my muscles and filled me with confidence. Soon I started social dancing: Country dancing, Salsa, Swing and even Jitterbug with acrobatics! My favorite was always Freestyle so that I could show off my shimmies, hips and pops! I started integrating my belly dancing moves anywhere I could. A decade or more later, here I am... I have recently added Zumba Instruction and looking forward to offering Goddess Life too! Excited about Burlesque as well... Licensed 02/12 or


Hanna Aurelia Mendel

Park City
I was born in Prague, Czech Republic, I am however of Irish origin. I danced professionally for seven years in Europe, I have studied bellydancing and yoga for fourteen years. I have recently moved to Park City, UT where I live with my 8-year old son Christian, and life partner Michael. I am also a licensed massage therapist/aesthetician and have studied with several yoga, bellydance, and ayurveda teachers in the U.S. and I am also a licensed teacher in Czech Republic. My goal is to teach the Goddess Workout with  an enviroment where people can feel free to express themselves through movement and joy. Licensed 04/09



Urvashi’s love for all styles of Belly Dance has enabled her to incorporate various styles into her dancing and teaching personality.  Tribal Improv Belly Dance and Modern Tribal Fusion are her specialties and her passion.  Her teaching style emphasizes the importance of dance posture, body awareness, group consciousness, camaraderie, trust, comfort, friendship and earthy feminine energy.  She will teach musicality, finger cymbals, veil work and even a bit of drumming.  Being a goddess sized woman, she aims to inspire and encourage women of all walks of life to embrace who they are right now and live in the moment!  Urvashi’s “Tribal Belly” Goddess Workout is sure to leave you feeling connected, grounded as well as physically and mentally blissful.  (Class info coming soon!) Licensed 04/09   What is Tribal Fusion? 

Dawn Dirks


Dawn began her practice of Middle Eastern dance in 1993. It has been a truly transformative experience for her. Over the years she has had the privilege of dancing at private parties, restaurants, weddings, Renaissance Faires, Faerie Festivals, numerous fundraising and charity events, and even her daughter’s preschool! She has studied Cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, and American Tribal styles of the dance. For her, the dance is part of her spiritual practice. She dances as a moving meditation, a deeply felt celebration of gratitude for the precious, wondrous gift of her life. When she dances, she sees the face of the Divine Feminine in herself and in the women who dance with her. She is positively thrilled to be able share Dolphina’s Goddess Workout with other women. Come to her classes and allow your own Inner Goddess to shine! Licensed 04/11



Ready to awaken your inner Goddess? Alessandra's classes will leave you feeling inspired and empowered. Her classes combine clear technical instruction, with cardiovascular and toning benefits. Her teaching style emphasizes creativity, playfulness and confidence.A professional belly dancer from Seattle, Alessandra has an extensive background in dance and fitness. Besides belly dance she has studied ballet, jazz, hip hop, and gymnastics. She is an award-winning belly dancer and an experienced fitness instructor. She has studied with internationally renowned dancers, including Mahmoud Reda, Aziza, Princess Farhana, Delilah, and Nadira. Come celebrate your divine feminine spirit. Licensed: 5/10


Robin Flores

About 4 years ago I wanted to try something new to help me tone and get into shape. I decided to try a Belly dancing class that was being offered. I loved the class, and 4 yrs later have been going strong. I'm also part of a Belly Dancing troupe here in Cheyenne. We have been performing locally for about a yr. I saw what Belly Dancing has done for me, not just my body on the outside, but what it had also done for me on the inside. I'm more confident in myself and in how my body looks.  I want to share this with other women. To show them, that Belly Dance is for everyone no matter thier size or age. And that it's okay to love your body no matter what size you are, and have fun and meet other women as you are doing it. Licensed 12/09