Gadget Goddess Tech Tuesdays –Delivering you the latest in technology with style & sequins

Gadget Goddess Tech Tuesdays –Delivering you the latest in technology with style & sequins

Please don’t panic thinking someone has hacked into GoddessLife – it’s a new blog: Tech Tuesday. Now don’t dash off in horror - I promise this will not be like any other tech blog (in other words – boring). I vow to introduce you to the ultimate in fabulous apps that will enhance your life. I pledge that I will describe the features of the technology in Goddess-friendly language (again – not boring). And most importantly, I guarantee that I will show you that gadgets are for Goddesses, too.


Application: Kik

Get ready, get set! Are you ready to save $$$ with a free, fun & brilliant new way to text? Kik is kind of like Skype for your smart phone. The chat application is free to download, super simple to navigate and available for Blackberry, iPhone & Droid.

Kik Messenger tells you when a message has been sent, delivered, read, and even when someone is typing back, turning regular texting into real-time conversations. This app allows you unlimited texting to all Kik users worldwide, no matter what type of smartphone they have.

Why I love this app
1) Kik Messenger is 100% free to download and your phone carrier will never charge you for messages sent or received. Your phone carrier keeps a record of every text message sent and received and charges you accordingly. This doesn't happen when using Kik Messenger. Kik Messenger uses data to send and receive your messages so your standard data rates apply, but each Kik message that is sent uses a very small amount of data, less than 1 KB per message (that’s like the tiniest fleck of glitter – you know the high-grade, finely-cut glitter).
2) With texting you never know if your recipient has received your message let alone read it - sometimes it can take days for a response (and sometimes you never get one!). With Kik Messenger you get little letters beside your messages, called receipts, which tell you more information about your message. 'S' means your message has been sent to our server, 'D' means your message has been delivered to your recipient, and the 'R' means your message has been read. Neat!

3) Its simple to use.

How to Download
These are the instructions on Kik’s website:
1. Go to on your smartphone.
2. Watch as we magically detect your exact device and immediately give you that version of Kik Messenger to download!

3. Play nice.

You can also download Kik from the app store on iTunes or the Android market or from their website Then create your account with the usual basic details (name, password, email) and most importantly: select a ‘handle’ as you do on Skype.

How to Write Messages

After I downloaded and registered Kik on my iPhone, Kik detected all of my contacts that were already Kik users. Then, I received my first message that looks like a text. This is a screenshot.


Then, I excitedly began creating my first Kik message and typed in the center bar at bottom of screen – the same as regular texting. The little smiley face on the bottom left corner of the phone gives you the option of adding 18 different emoticons you can add to your Kik message ranging from smiling face, pink heart, red broken-heart and pussy-cat (right):

Once I clicked send, Kik directed me to a screen with my conversation and a little letter “S” appeared beside my message, which means my message was sent to Kik’s server. Then the letter (called receipts) changed to a 'D' that meant my message was delivered to my recipient and then finally it changed to an 'R' to signal it was read. I could even tell when my friend was writing to me.

The left top corner is an arrow that directs you back to “chats” – which indicates the person you are Kik-ing with. Once you click the “chats” arrow, you are directed to the page that lists all your chats with all your Kik friends. In the upper left corner is the “edit” button and the upper right corner is the icon to write a new message. The lower right corner is a “gear” icon that allows you change your settings and also:

Invite Friends to Kik:

Tell a friend about Kik (via SMS, email or Twitter) – After I clicked the gear, there are 3 different icons for these choices and Kik has pre-written invitations for me to invite my friends to join me on Kik.

The left corner is your contact list. Kik will automatically find your contacts that are already Kik user and add your friends as you begin to chat with them, but you can also manually add them by clicking the “+” symbol on the contact page in the upper right corner.

Go ahead, Goddesses, and Kik it!

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