Every woman has wondered what it must be like to be able to stop a man in his tracks with a single glance. Among the geisha the art of alluring men is not a matter of innate sexuality but a skill they learn.

The very word geisha means ‘person of art’ – cultivated in all the arts and graces that may only add to their ability to PLEASE. Moreover, the geisha are adherents of ‘the feminine arts’ – in every sense of the word! Thus, a geisha not only sings and dances attractively, but she’s a trained poet, writer, conversationalist, and temptress as well. The first Geisha were men dressed as women.

Geisha were the most highly educated of Japanese women, skilled in all of the feminine arts. Geishas lure men with their fantastical, exotic and heightened goddess-like appearance. They have dark peony red lips, the whitest of porcelain skin, and behind their necks are three soft pretty lines – forming what connoisseurs of beauty call “the necklace of Venus.”

Geisha are renowned for being MYSTERIOUS women, and they’ve always known that men have always been fascinated by mysterious women. But what actually is the mystery of the geisha, the screen’s aside and she’s kneeling on her mat? And, what are her real thoughts, emotions, and her ‘secret-self’ all about?

Carrying oneself like a woman

A geisha walks with dainty steps, keeping her body like a dancer. Geishas make sure that every gesture is feminine and delicate. Standing up, sitting down, opening a door, pouring tea – the smallest movement is performed with grace.

Play acting

During her Geisha training, in between dance and singing lessons, a Geisha created and developed a laugh unique to her and memorable. Most Geisha’s would attempt to make her laugh as feminine and pleasing to the ear as possible – she also made sure it had her own mark of distinction.

Flirting for fun

Among the geisha flirtation is a game. It doesn’t lead to sex or a relationship and certainly not to marriage. Japanese men know that when a geisha says he is the handsomest man on earth and she is madly in love with him, she is playing. At the end of the evening geisha bid their customers goodnight with a chaste kiss on the cheek. Their inaccessibility makes them all the more desirable.

‘A clever woman never lets a man know how clever she is.’

Some geisha are the lovers of government officials and might even make suggestions about policy. But they always ensure that the man thinks it is he who has had the great idea. An American told me that after a geisha party in Tokyo his main recollection was ‘I had never realized before what a brilliant and witty man I was!’ The geisha had done their job well.

Always let the man win 

A geisha focuses on what will make the man happy, not herself. She knows to stroke their ego as much as their cock. When she plays golf, the key is to be very good but not too good, so that when the man wins – he feels he is the world’s greatest golfer.

Men are little boys at heart

Even the most important, clever and powerful man enjoys being treated like a little boy. Geisha parties are full of silly games and dances which let a man relax. Geisha are always ready to massage a man’s shoulders or feet if he is stressed. They are happy to be a mother, a shoulder to cry on or a sweetheart, as required.

Sex for fun with no guilt …

Before westerners arrived in Japan, sex was regarded as a pleasurable, healthy and natural activity. Men enjoyed procreational sex with their wives and recreational sex with geishas. Before women married, their mothers gave them ‘pillow books’ – books of sexual instruction, mainly compiled in ancient China – to help them compete with geisha. Geisha studied the forty-eight positions and the many ways the Jade Stalk could move in the Cinnabar Cleft. They kept their pubic hair neatly clipped with a jaunty wisp at the top. A sophisticated man could assess a woman’s sexual skill by the artistry of the trimming.

… and no limits

Geishas are not prostitutes but they often become mistresses and in that role continue the traditional approach to sex. For the geisha, love is an art form and a game, to be enjoyed without fear or inhibition.

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