Glamola - My list of how to be more eco-friendly and glamorous

Glamola - My list of how to be more eco-friendly and glamorous

I recently made the shocking discovery that my lifestyle is not as eco-friendly as I thought it was. I considered myself a tree-hugger with a penchant for sequins, lingerie and bubble baths—a glamola girl! Other than my proclivity for these luxury items, I thought I was doing everything I could to not harm the environment. My awakening happened when I attended a “Green Goddess” party last week where I learned that my personal footprint on this earth was much deeper than I believed.

Here are some of the new environmental conserving things I learned (with a little extra research for supportive data) and have committed to learning and doing:


Buy Carbon Offsets When I Fly - I love to travel! But, airplanes produce massive amounts of CO2, which pollutes the earth unless changed into oxygen by plants. I just found out that I could purchase carbon offsets (which go towards carbon reduction) to neutralize the pollution I am creating. Sites like Travelocity and Expedia make it convenient to buy carbon offsets when booking with them.


Get off junk mail lists - I am going to register with the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service ( and they say I will see a significant reduction in mail after three months.


Replace my light bulbs - I am going to replace all my light bulbs with an Energy Star bulb – if every US home did just one, we’d save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year.

Ditch the PVC Shower Curtain - PVC is one of the most destructive plastics made, and has no place in a green bathroom. The production of PVC creates highly toxic dioxins, and once in the home it also gives off chemical gasses. PVC cannot be recycled, and once disposed of it leaks chemicals, which can make their way back into the ground water. I will replace it with a curtain made of hemp, which is naturally mold resistant.


Buy Green Towels - I didn’t know that conventionally grown cotton is one of the most destructive and pesticide laden crops on the planet. Organic cotton doesn't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which is healthier for the planet and ultimately for me. Also I will try out fabrics like bamboo, which are silky smooth are harvested from a renewable and fast-growing tree.


Recycle Gray Water - Soon, when I move and have a big garden, I will recycle my gray water. It’s the wasted resource that is the water that goes down the sink and tub. On average a person uses 60 gallons of water during a shower, water that could be used to irrigate our lawns and gardens.


Buy shade grown coffee - its grown naturally under the rain forest canopy, preserving forests from clear-cutting and leaving more trees to absorb CO2

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1. Constandina wrote:
"Glamola Girl" (:
I love it...and I totally relate!
Thanks Sister!

Fri, October 2, 2009 @ 1:52 PM

2. Rebecca wrote:
Thanks for those tips. I'm going to be signing up to get less junk mail for sure. How do you recycle gray water, though? I've never heard of doing that before, although it sounds like a great idea.

Fri, October 2, 2009 @ 1:58 PM

I remember reading somewhere (I think Mickey Rooney) would mark junk mail REFUSED & RETURN TO SENDER. also I clicked on the junk mail link but nothing happened.

Wed, October 7, 2009 @ 2:03 PM

4. Bryan Tucker Morrison (on facebook as such) wrote:
Congratulations on your personal discoveries regarding your eco-footprints. It takes a strong and worthy Earth inhabitant to seek out earnestly "God's comfortable walk" which leaves no footprint behind but, rather, a trail of smiles and warm feelings. Are you the famous "Girl from Ipanema"?

I am honored to be allowed, as a practicing God myself (yet with plenty of room left for personal growth), the privilege of commenting at your feet, my dearest Dolphina.

I admit to being somewhat intimidated by your awesome grace and fabulous beauty as a manifest female human spirit observed from my perspective as a single man "on the slow hunt" for Goddess mate(s), but my deep respect and insatiable curiosity is driving me toward you as if I were being pulled by the East Wind itself and, indeed, I am.

I stumbled onto your site this morning (and I am so grateful to God for that; your website is superbly rich and entertaining as well as intellectually and sensually stimulating)while checking out possible "dba" names for my company, Morrison Design Services Mukilteo (now operating in Brownsville, Texas and Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico. In 1971, we called our little secret gang "Dolphin Electronics" (a company with a porpoise) but now we are into things such as multi-dimensional holographic with smell and taste and unisex tele-dildonics, transportation vehicles (electric/flywheel cars, motorcycles, boats and aircraft and medical inventions targeted at female vaginal health and fertility. To limit our dba name to "electronics" would be unwise; thus the search.

I'm an established inventor with two ARPA/DARPA-sponsored patents in electro-optics for methodologies used in micro-miniature color displays. I also have a long and quite successful history of new product design and agency approval/certification work in medical ultrasound, music/sound equipment and industrial/medical lasers.

I have also been part of a team of researchers and inventors that won top honors in the ARPA/DARPA Dawnbreaker Program, a federal government-sponsored "Swords into Plowshares" project which strives to support and develop top secret technologies able to be useful in peacetime civilian populations after the warriors and spies have had exclusive access for some reasonable time frame.

I am considering using the name Dolphina's Pod Inventors Group or Dolphina's Group or Dolphina's Pod or something like that. As a God to a Goddess, I thought it best to seek out your blessing prior to any trademark research or printing of business forms, etc. I realize I don't legally need to do that but it makes for a hell of a great way to introduce myself and request a moment of your attention for a reply.

Is there any place for a male (actually, I'm a liberated dominant Lesbian trapped in a man's body) in your organization? I'm not looking for a job, mind you, but I am very interested in learning as much as I can about how to help women (and men...but mostly women) become more like the Goddesses they themselves envision in their higher-love psyches. I also need a group of research partners (notice how I slyly avoided using the word "subjects"). This is needed for the development of my pelvic floor (PC) muscle Morrison-Kegel Ultra vaginal instrument products which will not only help the developing Goddess sustain fitness and health in the pelvic openings and surrounding musculature but will be quite useful as a tool in fertility prediction and general birth canal health monitoring.

We intend to submit samples to the FDA for 510K testing in Q3 or Q4 2010 and will claim efficacy for the prescription treatment of female sexual ennui, pelvic floor muscle exercise and regeneration, incontinence and early detection of yeast and other invasive infections and birth control by accurate logging of numerous intervaginal metrics such as pH, conductivity,

Sat, November 14, 2009 @ 8:31 AM

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