Goddess Center Instructors


Bellydance, Surfing, Burlesque & Lapdance
 Dolphina is the owner of the Goddess Center and invites students to embark on a journey to their own inner goddess. She has a gift for inspiring even the shyest of participants to own and express their power, sacredness and femininity.


Celestria is a long time student of the Goddess Center and trained under Dolphina. She draws the best from all the instructors and incorporates it into her own style, making her classes sassy, sensual and energetic. She encourages her students to get their sexy on while getting a great workout.


Cheerleading & Bellydance
Cookie is a dancer and a former high school cheerleader. She embraces a mind/body philosophy in all her workouts and believes that every woman is a goddess. Her Cheer Goddess classes are guaranteed to give you a workout full of energy and fun. Bring it On!


Hiwa (pronounced he-va) teaches the Island Goddess Workout using dance motions from such beautiful places as Hawaii and Tahiti. It is a non-aerobic workout that works out the entire body, including the hips, abs and thighs. Hiwa's teaching style is welcoming, fun and loving... and be happy wearing your bikini.


Brazilian dance
Magretta's love of travel and studying different cultures took her to dozens of countries around the world and influenced her into studying world dances. Her particular love of Brazilian music and dance brought her to her favorite travel spot, Brazil, to study various forms of Brazilian dances from master instructors. With great joy and enthusiasm Magretta brings the spirit of Brazil with her each night of class. This Sambista will teach irresistible bunda shaking steps to the many styles of Brazilian Samba.

Kim Blish,"Shimmy Kimmy"

Teen Bellydance
Kim has been practicing the Goddess Workout for nearly a decade, and was certified to instruct in 2004. Her teaching style strikes a healthy balance between work and play, concentrating on proper technique, while also embracing the endless fun and freedom that bellydancing allows. While Kim teaches all ages, her specialty is working with teen Goddesses.


Luna is a high-energy goddess who focuses on maximizing the cardio benefits of bellydance, burlesque, and cheer. Her upbeat classes encourage women to add their own style and flair to the basic movies while breaking a sweat and getting a thoroughly fun workout. Luna places special emphasis on inspiring her students to take their moves to the dance floor at parties, clubs, and events.