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  • All Good Things are Wild and Free

    I must confess, I am a total weirdo. Maybe you noticed. It used to make me feel insecure when I was younger. Friends would call me a wild child, silly, weird, way too emotional, too sexual and…different. I was the girl dancing on tables, wearing feathers in my hair, getting the first tattoo of my friends and crying or laughing too hard. I have always felt like I am too much. Like I have to tame the wild thing in me to be loved. Be more normal. To fit in. And sometimes I would fake it being normal, but it made me miserable. Censoring myself so I wouldn’t let my wild child/ weirdness spill out was like trying to keep the lid on a pot boiling over on the stove. It was exhausting; I would dash home to recuperate from putting on that act. I was holding back what makes me unique. We are all different and what is different makes us beautiful. There is only one of us in all of time. There is a freedom in being your authentic self. My New Year’s Resolution is: to not only accept this part of me, but celebrate how different I am. Who wants to be wild, different, unique, weird and let their freak flag fly (or wave your glitter wand) with me in 2017? 

  • My Secrets to Get Back into Shape after the Holidays 🍾🍾🍾

    I’ll admit it. I took the chocolate road to happiness this year. After a series of personal losses and injuries, I let myself go and my buns of steel turned to buns of marshmallows. I stopped exercising and was breathless after a 15 second lap dance for my boyfriend. It was perfectly normal for me to eat a cupcake for breakfast.
     I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. I was out of control and completely out of shape.
     The situation was dire – after all, just a year ago, I was referred to as a ‘fitness expert’. 

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  • How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions All Year

    Say it with me: "This year I'm going to transform my life from mundane to magical by not only writing down my New Year’s Resolutions, but actually following through with them." Easy enough, right? For some, but for most people, the easy part comes in the writing of them, not the doing.

    How many people do you know resolve very year to tone their bodies, lose weight, exercise more? And how many people actually do it? 

    Ah yes, therein lies the rub....

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  • A Fresh New Way to keep your New Year's Resolutions

    Yep, it’s true; I am a rebel. My defiant nature has nothing to do with politics or the law (for the most part); but if you said I was an nontraditional girl, you would be right on the money, honey. I am honestly bored by doing things the way they have always been done and most importantly, they don’t seem to work for most people…especially moi. But please don’t misunderstand and assume that I am pessimistic priss or against the concept of tradition. I believe wholeheartedly in the basic human need for ritual, hope and goals.

    So, when the New Year’s roll around and the internet is flooded with all the tired ideas of how to kickstart your rezzies, its not that I am in opposition to the notion of people setting goals, I just think those tired thoughts should be, well, (re)tired.

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  • The GoddessLife Challenge: Read Submissions. Help Support these Women's Goals with your Comments.

    View the initial submissions for the GoddessLife Challenge 2010. Help these women achieve their goals by leaving your comments, suggestions, motivation and recommendations. I'm inspired by their bravery and courageousness. I'm excited to see the evolution and watch their transformations! It's never too late for you to enter. Each moment is a chance to start anew. Together, we can make 2010 the BEST year ever!