Goddess Challenge TV Pilot

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Genre: Reality Series

Title: The Goddess Challenge

Log Line/Short Pitch: “So You Think You Can Dance” meets “Extreme Makeover” meets “Girlicious”. Imagine watching a rough fisherwoman from Alaska or a shy poetry student from the University of Southern California transform in just six weeks into a sexy dance star.

Synopsis: Join Rob Riches (Host of MuscleTV) as he challenges Dolphina (creator of the Goddess Workout Dance Series) to makeover a shy woman off the streets into a confident Goddess able to perform in front of an audience. Dolphina believes that every woman is a Goddess and she can teach her to dance and maximize her own sex appeal.  Rob gives Dolphina just six weeks to transform her into a sexy dance star.

The transformation begins with the challenge. Rob chooses the test, ranging from an inhibited girl with low self-esteem to a woman who lacks feminity because she works at a male-dominated company.  Rob selects the location and Dolphina must approach and find a woman willing to dedicate the next six weeks to becoming a sexy dance Goddess.

Over the course of six weeks, Dolphina and Rob will give her the tools to genuinely makeover her life. There are challenges during the six weeks that are intended to build her confidence, such as performing by herself in front of her dance class and a grueling fitness and diet regimen. She will also go through a series of tests to help her to feel sexier such as lingerie shopping and romantic blind dinner dates. The hosts help her face her fears by teaching her public speaking or zip-lining.

During the Goddess Challenge, viewers will see the Goddess-to-be as she faces challenges such as struggles with the tests, keeping up with her work and school schedule, missing her family and on the verge of giving up.

It isn’t all sacrifice for the woman, however.  She is given a multi-million dollar house to live in, a personal shopper, a personal trainer, a nutritionist, spa treatments and dance classes. Watch as they open her up to this world of luxury they specifically designed to actualize a woman's full-throttle power.

The show climaxes with her dance performance in front of a live audience, in front of her co-workers or for her dream date.

The surprise to her and Dolphina will be that she has to dance right after trained dancers. There will be judges that will decide if she is just as good as the professional dancers.

Is every woman really a Goddess? Can every woman dance? Watch the Goddess Challenge and find out.