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  • There is no force more powerful that a woman determined to rise.

    So here we are - the modern Priestesses of the new world. Embodying ancient wisdom, reconnecting deeply to ourselves -carrying the medicine of love with our divine feminine hands into its fullest expression, for a new way.The magical makeup of a woman ~ her capacities to love, feel, create, manifest, protect, gather, nurture ~ is an alchemical equation for the most powerful vibration. It is pure Shakti, a Divine, orgasmic portal for communication with the Highest dimensions of creation. We are crystal conduits of love and light between heaven and earth.Rise through your fears, realizing the expansive doorway to grace that exists within every cell of your Being.The portals are open.Approach with a humble heart. Give thanks for your invitation and accept your welcome with willingness and grace.Allow yourself to be filled with whatever magic awaits and then pledge to take it into your communities and share it, even if just through your smiling eyes, to as many people you can.Sometimes it will be received and celebrated. Sometimes the strength of your light may provoke the darkness in others to try and take you out.Keep going. Be brave. Be strong but stay soft. Stay vulnerable. It's where your strength truly lies. And know this, there is no turning back. Because once you remember who you really are, you can never turn your back on yourself again. We are the granddaughters of the daughters of the witches they could not burn.

  • Reclaiming my flower power

    Reclaiming my power. my flower-power. where my magic is. Stop going where the well is dry. Go where the love is. I am realizing that love is anything but what we expect it to be because it is meant to move us into all the unexpected places we are meant to be in deeper relationship with. Sometimes what you want and need you will not get from whom or where you want to get it from. But if you open up your heart you might get the love you need from unexpected places (like a field of poppies in your backyard)  What is meant for you, will reach you even if it is beneath two Mountains and what isn't meant for you won't reach you even if it's between your two lips. 🌼🌸🌺


  • Goddess Doctor is In! Kitty's Cure Rx: Dose of Dignity

    Goddesses, the Doctor is in! 👑💉🐾😽💊🔮 
     KittysCure😽💊 Rx is: A dose of dignity. 

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  • Empower the Goddess Within

    When I heard the call of the wild, I answered.

    I have walked a long journey towards re-claiming my own power; remembering that I have it, working on my deeply-buried emotional blocks for long enough to uncover it, and daily inner and outer work to re-anchor it into my cells. 

    I have had to remind myself daily that I am worthy of being in my power, and that I am not going to be hurt, or even die, from demonstrating it publicly. It is still a journey, but one that I find only strengthens the more I am open, honest and authentic about the depth of power that really lies inside me. 

    When I suppress it, hide, or allow society to dictate to me how I should look, feel and express myself, I feel painfully disempowered and somehow like a fraud. I feel like I am letting down a great universal force for healing. 

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  • When you don't feel like a Goddess

    I will be here for you when you don’t feel like a Goddess. Let me be your mirror. I am here to lend a hand so you remember that you are.

    Even the most confident woman has days when she doesn’t believe she is a Goddess. Every now and then these thoughts creep up after a painful break up or when you’re overworked, ill or financially strapped.  Other times it’s unclear the precise reason. You can’t seem to help but feel antisocial, invisible, insecure, over-the-hill, out-of-shape, unattractive, powerless, lost or insignificant. When you are being hard on yourself and thinking unkind thoughts, I am here to help you see how exquisite you truly are.

    During these times, let me reiterate that you are a Goddess.  Allow me to be your eyes when you can’t see that you are powerful. I will reflect back to you the amazing gifts you have to give the world. You have an essence that is exclusive to you. It is pure and perfect right now and forever. In case you have forgotten, you are sensual and feminine. I know you are capable of anything you put your mind to. I believe in you completely.

    When you don’t feel like a Goddess, I am here to remind you that you are.

  • Changing the world - Make a difference one Goddess at a Time

    My mind has been on something quite simple—changing the world :)

    I’ve been focused on empowering other women to empower other women by certifying women to teach The Goddess Workout, spread the GoddessLife philosophy and becoming "The Goddess" in their community by blending their own skills & interests with what they love most about GoddessLife. It's been so inspiring to encourage women all over the globe to beat the odds, be strong and live big. (this pic is of me on skype call at 2:30am with a woman from The Czech Republic. And yes...I dress up for every single GWI career consultation!)

    It’s made me wonder— how can our actions be so powerful that we leave lasting ripples that inspire others to do the same? The refreshing answer doesn’t involve huge, intimidating steps, but simple, thoughtful ones. It starts with how we interact at home. Do we support our family and tribe, or do we challenge them every step of the way. Are we willing to lead by example instead of living small and never thinking we’re enough? I know we can make history by taking a stand. It starts by being willing to shine and own our power. When we do this we give others permission to do the same. We WANT others to shine as bright as us—it’s nothing to fear. A world full of people who have come alive would be an absolute blessing.

    So how do we change the world? It starts with you. Pursue what makes your heart beat, even if it seems impossible or bizarre. Don’t let the opinions of others hold you back. Know what fires you up and pursue it with passion. xoxoxoxo Dolphina

    Changing the world...one Goddess at a time.




  • Empower your self with Confidence

    I'm lying here on my round pink satin bed thinking of all the gifts I've received through bellydance: confidence, glamour, freedom, sexiness, joy. Bellydance has empowered me in nearly every area of my life but one: business.  Shimmy half naked for Arnold Schwarzenegger? No problem.  Read a financial report? I don't think so.  Give me some rose petals and tell me to spread them on my pink satin sheets - can do. Ask me to do an Excel spread sheet and I'll run screaming the other direction.  Actually, that was the old me, before I embraced my inner entrepreneur.  Now, spread sheets and running numbers come to me as easily as belly rolls.  How did this happen? By following some simple steps.

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  • Help Empower the Women in Your Life To Be Safer – vote for “Who is a Goddess?” film

    A webisode I made last year with all my girlfriends called, “Who Is A Goddess?” has been nominated for best “Female Empowerment” film by a company that is developing a campaign around a new personal safety alarm for women. 

    All prize money will be contributed to GoddessService

    Click Above “Empower women in your life” in pink for all the details about video, campaign and how to vote.

    Click here to vote (Thank-you very much!)

    Text to: 21001 (I know it might seem weird that it isn’t a full number)

    Put in the Message: BBH KF2HND