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  • Reclaiming my flower power

    Reclaiming my power. my flower-power. where my magic is. Stop going where the well is dry. Go where the love is. I am realizing that love is anything but what we expect it to be because it is meant to move us into all the unexpected places we are meant to be in deeper relationship with. Sometimes what you want and need you will not get from whom or where you want to get it from. But if you open up your heart you might get the love you need from unexpected places (like a field of poppies in your backyard)  What is meant for you, will reach you even if it is beneath two Mountains and what isn't meant for you won't reach you even if it's between your two lips. 🌼🌸🌺


  • Goddess Doctor is In! Kitty's Cure Rx: Dose of Dignity

    Goddesses, the Doctor is in! 👑💉🐾😽💊🔮 
     KittysCure😽💊 Rx is: A dose of dignity. 

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  • Empower your self with Confidence

    I'm lying here on my round pink satin bed thinking of all the gifts I've received through bellydance: confidence, glamour, freedom, sexiness, joy. Bellydance has empowered me in nearly every area of my life but one: business.  Shimmy half naked for Arnold Schwarzenegger? No problem.  Read a financial report? I don't think so.  Give me some rose petals and tell me to spread them on my pink satin sheets - can do. Ask me to do an Excel spread sheet and I'll run screaming the other direction.  Actually, that was the old me, before I embraced my inner entrepreneur.  Now, spread sheets and running numbers come to me as easily as belly rolls.  How did this happen? By following some simple steps.

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