Goddess Gatherings - Why they are Important

Goddess Gatherings - Why they are Important

Goddess Gatherings fulfill a very important need we have as women to honor all that is feminine within us. When we connect on this deep level, we become connected to the legacy of great women that have gathered together in supportive, positive and dynamic environments.

My first Goddess Gathering took place when I was living in New York City almost by chance. Everyday, I danced and stretched side by side with a group of lovely women in my dance and yoga classes. They were enamored that I was a bellydancer and they all wanted me to teach them. It took a lot of audacity on my part, but I asked a friend for the use of their loft to hold my first workshop. I felt protective and I wanted the event to be held without men. And then, before I knew it, I had a room with two-dozen fearful and skeptical women in it.

Well, with a little magic, a lot of bellydance, discussion, sharing and fun, the space was transformed into a room of wild women dancing and celebrating their femininity. First I danced, then one student spontaneously got up on the stage and did a solo. She surrendered to her emotions and wore them like royal robes. This energy was contagious and inspired everyone in class to follow suit. These women suddenly had a place to be anything they needed to be: sensual, vulnerable and fierce. They cheered and encouraged each other while every dancer took her turn. To see them let go, and dance so freely, was like watching a blossom unfurling in the warmth of the sun. It was then that I knew that there was something deeply feminine, and necessary, about creating a gathering for this type of surrender.

After the workshop, we were all glowing. Each woman shared stories of how surprised they were by the experience. We had always been close and supportive in our daily dance classes, but this experience was so much more than just a great yoga class. It was even better than your most fun girl’s-night-out. The room was positively vibrating with girl-power.

Since that night, I have been holding Goddess Gatherings all over the globe, from California to Kuwait. I have met women from all walks of life: different shapes and sizes, ages, races and religions. Each woman that attends is a unique and special individual Goddess. However, when we assemble as a group to celebrate being women, something extraordinarily powerful happens. The group transforms into an intimate tribe of sisters, following an ancient tradition that goes back thousands of years.

I am deeply honored and blessed to share such profound experiences with women. It is truly a joy.

See you soon!

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1. Liz wrote:
You are right, Dolphina. Many women are conditioned to hide their beauty from themselves and from others. Even when we start to feel good about ourselves, we wonder if other women resent us for it. SO the liberation, along with the unity you're creating is key. I recently wrote a blog about teh same theme called Burka Yoga on my blog too! I have witnessed the power of your class to transform the energy in a room, and take the women on a journey that reveals their deepest beauty. I want you to do the next Goddess Gathering at my studio....please! :)

Sat, January 29, 2011 @ 12:45 PM

2. Gina Cacioppo wrote:
This sounds beautiful and magical. The Swan River Yoga Mid-City Center would be a perfect place to hold one of your workshops. I hope sometime you can make it here to New Orleans and share the Goddess energy with our community.
Have an amazing workshop.
Blessings *) O (*

Sat, January 29, 2011 @ 2:17 PM

3. Rocky Priapus wrote:
I wonder what Austin Powers would do with such a work-shop!!

Wed, October 24, 2012 @ 12:37 PM

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