GoddessLife 101

Where every woman is a Goddess.
Join Dolphina, creator of the Goddess Workout Series, as she teaches an unforgettable day filled & dedicated to the empowerment of women. Along with the support of a community of strong, fun and sassy women, you will learn how to unleash your magnificent inner Goddess. Together we will turn the ordinary into extraordinary, the faded into fabulous, and the dreary into darling! Most importantly: It is a time for you!

GoddessLife 101
Dolphina created GoddessLife 101 specifically to actualize a woman's full-throttle power and give you the tools to genuinely transform your life. It is a teachable, trainable skill. This all-day workshop is an outrageously luxurious dip into the wild waters of confidence, joy and freedom. Dolphina has a gift for inspiring even the shyest of participants to own and express their power, feminity and to experience true freedom and joy. She gets into the heart and soul of each woman, helping her unlock the legend that lives inside. By joining her for an extraordinary day, you will learn secrets from the GoddessLife philosophy that will give you tools to change your life.


  • How to live confidently
  • How to love your body- Becoming intoxicated by the beauty of your body
  • How to inspire men to treat you as an irresistible creature worthy of great love and adoration
  • How to create non-competitive, meaningful and fun relationships with other women
  • How to make everyday feel like you are on vacation