GoddessLife Favorite Dance Video Thursdays - Popping out of a Cake!

In celebration of how profound dance has enriched my life, each Thursday I post a GoddessLife Dance Video of the Week. Enjoy and keep dancing!

This week is a scene from the musical Singing in the Rain. This movie has such a plethora of some of the most memorable dance routines in all of cinema history that this little number often goes unnoticed. It has always been one of my personal faves because I love the roaring 20's and the Coconut Grove dancers and POPPING out of a cake - which Debbie Reynolds does in this super fun & adorable number. I honestly think the world could do with a lot more of cuties jumping out of cakes. Yes, I do. I think its fun & makes everyone smile and all of you who want to judge me and call me a hypocrite for calling myself a feminist and jumping out of cake this past weekend...will just have to see the pics and all the fun everyone had!

Click Here  to view her performance