GoddessLife Panty X-Change - BURLESQUE Style!

Today was my 6th annual GoddessLife Panty X-Change and we did it Burlesque style! What you ask is a GoddessLife Panty X-Change? And how do you do it Burlesque Style? Well, relax, pour yourself a delicious beverage and let me tell you the entire ridiculously fabulous story.

It all began 6 years ago when 4 of my dearest girlfriends and I desperately longed for more panties. We are all burlesque dancers, bellydancers, hula dancers, cheerleaders and addicted to lingerie. We wore panties while we performed, in classes at my dance studio (The Goddess Center) and for fun. We actually needed them. Once you feel nice knickers on your body, its impossible to return to ordinary undies. Trust me. It was a problem of the highest magnitude; it was a thirst we could not quench. Something must be done! After much research, concentration and meditation, the idea was born that would solve all of our problems and fill our drawers with adorable drawers. For the Winter Holidays, the gift that we would give each other would be panties. AKA: The GoddessLife Panty X-Change.

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