GoddessLife Prescriptions for Radical Self Care Guidebook

GoddessLife Prescriptions for Radical Self Care Guidebook

How to make everyday a GoddessLife – free & easy ways to turn the turn the ordinary into extraordinary, the faded into fabulous and the dreary into darling!

I must confess that my eyes do not always see the world through glittery-cupcake-flavored-rose-colored glasses. Honestly, it’s difficult to feel like a Goddess when I am overworked, down with the flu or filing my taxes. And there isn’t an actual place to file my grievances, such as, “Why can’t I sleep on a bed crafted from real cotton candy?” or “Pay for my groceries with smiles???” But I do find it liberating to know that it’s absolutely my prerogative to cry into my pillow every night or find my sparkly bootstraps and start pulling. The awareness that my happiness and outlook on life depends utterly, solely and completely on little ole moi is unbelievably empowering.

In fact, I delight in discovering new ways to adjust my attitude, blow-off steam or re-charge my batteries. Frankly, the mere act of coming up with ideas of how to make every moment of my life as magical as possible amuses me senseless. I keep a list of ‘prescriptions’ to lift my spirit in my own personal GoddessLife Rx for radical self-care guidebook – which is essentially a journal that includes my thoughts, magazine articles and inspiring photos. I believe every woman should have one. We all need reliable activities that instantaneously remind us how freakin glorious our lives can be and indeed already are.

All of us Goddesses have many moods, so I have a vast array of activities to suit every circumstance and disposition. I am sharing with you my list to help you either get started with your list or give you some fresh new ideas for your guidebook. Your list should be as unique as your self.

My GoddessLife Rx for Radical Self-Care:

Turn dreary responsibilities into darling escapades – I discovered this remedy purely by accident, but it worked like a charm! This past Halloween, I had to go to the DMV and happened to be wearing my sequined Mickey Mouse ears. Not only did donning the sparkly ears help me avoid being pulled into utter red tape boredom, but also it positively and joyfully transformed the entire room!
Rx: Wear something fun to spice up any routine appointment or activity.

To blow off steam – I am a notoriously bad driver. This fact has been officially confirmed by all my dearest friends, the 405 freeway, the CHP, the DMV…oh and all the cars I have dented and crashed. Whenever I get behind the wheel, everyone and everything is unbearably annoying. However, there is no way to survive in Los Angeles without driving, but this remedy always reduces my nervous tension.
Rx – When stress turns me into a ball of anxiety, I put on Pandora or Spotify and let the music soothe my soul. Sometimes it only takes one song. And I am always surprised by the playlist, especially when it ends with, “Born to be Wild”!

Quick cranky remedy – I admit it. It’s a highly combustible situation for everyone in my near vicinity when I am simultaneously crabby and busy. I use this Rx on the occasions when I have way too much on my plate and there is no time (tragically) for the ultimate cure: a bubble bath. This quick fix immediately transforms my mind-set from grouchy to grateful.
Rx: I swiftly focus on my blessings, what I have and the positive things going on in the world and NOT on what is wrong, what I don’t have or all the cruelty going down out there. And presto…life is splendid.

When I feel insecure – When I lose sight of my purpose in life, I lend a hand to another. I believe we are all connected and when I make a positive difference in someone else’s life, I feel like Wonder Woman. It’s immensely gratifying to volunteer my time and energy to causes I believe in and I do so as often as possible.
Rx - However, if I am in a time pinch - cooking someone dinner, cleaning up litter or writing a long thank you letter to someone I’ve never thanked properly will achieve a similar feeling. And if I am in a major dash - sending an adoring message to a friend, paying a compliment to a stranger or expressing my gratitude to the grocery clerk will suffice.

Rx for the blues (or as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s calls, ‘the mean reds’). – This is for when I am really feeling down and out.
Rx - I will take myself on a Goddess date. I do exactly what I would on a fantasy date…with myself. I will dress up, pick a bouquet of daisies from my garden and take myself out on the town. You name it and I’ve done it on my “Goddess Dates” - from going to a concert solo to running alone though a sprinkler with a Popsicle.

Tired, ill or PMS – I have learned (and so has everyone around me) that I simply am not able to and really don’t effing want to be happy when I’m exhausted, sick or having a bad time in my cycle.
Rx - So, during these occasions, I surrender and watch a tearjerker, a comedy or some cute animal youtube videos until the storm passes.

Weary and soul-tired – This friends, is time to whip out my PhD in pampering!
Rx - Sometimes money is no object and I will treat myself to something luxurious – like traveling, a spa treatment or a new book. But luxury doesn’t have to cost a thing – I’ve felt replenished from a homemade sugar scrub or taking a visit to the cosmetic counter and trying new perfumes or a trip to the library!

Disconnected – Trust me, life has thrown me some 1st-rate ass-kicking curve balls. After a break-up, loss of a loved one or facing a health issue; I need to be in nature.
Rx - When I do not feel centered or spiritual, I need to be in nature. Taking a dip into the ocean, gazing at the stars or tending my garden is all I require to feel the presence of The Divine.

There is no wrong way to create your very own GoddessLife Rx for Radical Self-Care Guidebook. You can methodically write down all your ideas first or you can jot them down the moment you discover what heals you. You can put them on a giant size board or a fairy-size diary. Most importantly, this is for YOU!

I would love for you to let me know if you try any of these or have ones to share with me and other Goddesses in the GoddessLife community – after all, we are in this together.

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1. shine orsink wrote:
love the costume idea. i love crazy hats. my latest is a fur hat with ears. i attract smiles everywhere i go while wearing it. the mundane tasks of grocery shopping do not always keep me smiling at times. i am reminded to smile when someone smiles at me wearing the crazy cool hat.

Mon, January 2, 2012 @ 2:22 AM

2. shine orsink wrote:
love the costume idea. i love crazy hats. my latest is a fur hat with ears. i attract smiles everywhere i go while wearing it. the mundane tasks of grocery shopping do not always keep me smiling at times. i am reminded to smile when someone smiles at me wearing the crazy cool hat.

Mon, January 2, 2012 @ 2:23 AM

3. Karen Potter Fields wrote:
Wow, thank you.

Mon, January 2, 2012 @ 5:38 AM

4. Shine Or Sink wrote:
absolutely love your ideas!

Mon, January 2, 2012 @ 5:39 AM

5. Ianira wrote:
I was planning on getting a dream book already, but this has bumped it up a notch. I am excited to get going on it... make it beautiful, colorful, and fun! Along with the book, I will also be purchasing a large box of color crayons. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

Tue, January 3, 2012 @ 3:29 AM

6. Lissette wrote:
Dolphina you're such a wonderful person to know! I must admit that I've never really know how to relax and much less how to best deal with the mundane problems that life throws our way. The information you've shared with us is wonderful and so much appreciated, more than you'll ever know! Thank you for teaching us how to dance but most importantly, thank you for the wonderful insight and truth that when life gets us down, we need an Rx remedy for the soul! I was beginning to think a long these lines, but you've confirmed it. Hugs and have a wonderful New Year!

Tue, January 3, 2012 @ 5:09 PM

7. Janice wrote:
Dolphina, what a great post. I find myself in the same situation, so this month I gave away subscriptions to the January Edition of FACETS, which focuses on Prosperity and Abundance. Writing a daily gemstone elixir for those goddesses that signed up has uplifted me tremendously. The daily email delivers to you alot of gorgeousness, spiritual levity and practical knowledge about how to use the stones to create more abundance and prosperity in your life.
I would like to gift you and any of your readers a complimentary subscription for this month--- there's no obligation or catch-- just pop me an email and you'll start receiving! Hope to hear from you, Janice PS heres the link to read more about FACETS


Thu, January 5, 2012 @ 1:54 PM

8. Lydia wrote:
My radical self-care to survive Mom dying and moving from my long term home, was to read your books and watch your DVD's. Only thing that could cheer me up. Thank you.

Fri, January 6, 2012 @ 7:22 PM

9. Sanndi wrote:
Some of my remedies: Escape to Disney movie or any kids movie in a real movie theatre on big screen, by yourself!(recently I saw
Puss In Boots)so silly & cute! Or buy a jump rope at a dollar store or finger paints, or just go browse thru a toy store by yourself. Lookin at Barbie stuff still makes me smile! Also going
to a park with swing sets and swinging always brings happy vibes, especially if you swing while barefoot!

Fri, January 6, 2012 @ 9:02 PM

10. Betty wrote:
[...] Friday in our Tea Time post, Tracy and I spoke about what ricadal self care might look like.  We joked about getting [...]

Sun, February 12, 2012 @ 3:41 PM

11. Mutingwa wrote:
Napping sndous radical enough in my book! This definitely was not one of the more natural feeling steps. (And sadly, no Sven appeared out of the ether for me either! LOL)

Sun, February 12, 2012 @ 9:50 PM

12. Lisa wrote:
Oh yeah. I am so gonna make a book today. And fill it gradually, i shall.

Tue, May 1, 2012 @ 1:58 PM

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