GoddessLife's Guide on how to get free stuff - really amazing FREE stuff!

The best things in life are free! And, by this statement, I don't suggest walks on the beach at sunset or smiles from newborns. I literally mean to say that people love free stuff. Naturally, I was aware of this concept, but not the degree in which they enjoy acquiring things gratis.

I established the extent of this notion when I threw my first party at my dance studio, The Goddess Center. Afterwards, everyone would not stop talking about the soiree. Sure, they loved my special cupcake martinis, they thought the performances were all top-notch and they shimmied to the non-stop dancing. But most of all, they loved the goody bag - the freebies that I sent them all home with. For me, it was easy; I had The Goddess Workout DVDs, CDs and Goddesswear goodies that I was more than happy to give to my guests. However, I was humbled with awe when one of my guests wept. It was then I knew how Santa feels.

Now I wish I could give out free stuff all day, everyday. So, I made a list of 10 ways to get really awesome free stuff.

Click here for my list of how to get really awesome free stuff. Really. Free.