Gypsysoul Bohochic Roadtrip Reading hour

Road trip TV hour: Watching the sunset, reading books and making each other laugh. One week living in our tiny-home-on-wheels and life has become deliberate, mindful. What we have: A mattress, lots of rugs, blankets and pillows (my gypsy heritage on full display), nothing-but-the-hits clothes, a basic compost toilet, tools and tons of books. What we don’t have: electricity, running water, a music system, wifi, television. We power up and post when we stop, and we make it as brief as possible. We have limited time to return emails and catch up on the news. Instead of spending our days looking at screens, we have turned our gaze to the horizon – to look out and see what is possible. When you have your days and weekends and life so planned out and structured, you leave no room for the unexpected, the adventures, the possibility of something different and, quite possibly, beyond your imagination to unfold. I spend hours feeling every bump in the road and rolling with it. We entertain each other, act silly, make up our own games, ask each other provocative questions, and explore our past (to see how it shapes our present). The lessons we are given are opportunities to release old patterns and evolve into the people we wish to be. We’re creating our own lives from scratch, deliberately. 🌅📺