Happy New Moon in Libra

Not only does the new moon on October 15th at 5:02 am, PDT look to be one of the softer, sweeter moons of the year, it also looks to be one of the most magical, expansive, inspired and grounding. That's a tall order for one little new moon but it carries with it the fortune of Jupiter, the stability of Saturn and the dreamy imagination of Neptune to aid it.

This new moon takes place in Libra, which is the sign that teaches us about love, relationships, balance, artistry, justice, peace and harmony. This coming week is a perfect time (specifically on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) to start projects especially ones that involve partnership. I suggest that we all allow ourselves the luxury of staring at the ceiling, daring to daydream recklessly. With cues from our imagination, take concrete action to bring that vision to life.

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