Happy Winter Solstice – This celestial dance shows us how to re-ignite your inner-light

“What’s the big deal going on in the sky?” you ask. News articles all over the web have been reporting the rare celestial paring of the Winter Solstice (longest night of the year) and a full lunar eclipse tonight. It’s so exceptional that NASA reports it hasn’t happened in 456 years and the next one won't come around again until 2094.

So?      This rare occurrence signifies an opportunity for BIG personal transformation. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and marks the darkest point of the sun, after which the light begins to return and the days become longer. Add the full lunar eclipse to this picture and now the sun and moon are both at their darkest point – making for an extremely long and dark night.

What does that mean to me?     Basically, the idea is that when things seem really bleak and dark, it is often our biggest opportunity for personal transformation.

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