How to Choose a Bellydance Stage Name

How to Choose a Bellydance Stage Name

When I taught Conan O’Brien to bellydance, the first instruction I gave him was: choose a stage name. I told him to, “let the ordinary Conan go” so that he could enter the fascinating world of the dance and create a captivating persona. He chose ‘Conando’. And the rest is history!

At first it may sound superficial and possibly even daunting, but choosing a stage or “Goddess” name is an essential part of becoming a bellydancer and a certified Goddess Workout Instructor. The name you chose represents your empowered, enchanting, exotic, ethereal, mysterious and theatrical self.

When you become this personality, you are able to turn the faded in fabulous, the dreary into darling and the ordinary into extraordinary. This person does not take out the kitty litter, do dishes or stop at stop signs. When you assume this name you are glamorous, exciting and above all, a Goddess.

But how do you choose a stage name?

Here are some ideas for you to choose a name for yourself and if you are teaching The Goddess Workout, share this with your students so that they can have a Goddess name, too.

1) You can use your current or birth name and add a little pizzazz like Conan did or the famous bellydancer Jillina, whose given name was Jill.
2) I have included below hundreds of Arabic names – and their meanings. You can also select the ‘meaning’ of the name as your name. Or for fun look up what is the meaning of your favorite bellydancer or Arabic singer name.
3) Ask friends, teachers, mentors to ‘name’ you.
4) Look at the long list of “Goddesses” below and find one that you connect with. There are Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Roman and Nordic Goddesses and their story and what they represent.
5) Create a name from words and sounds you like, such as ‘Serenity”.

There are no rules here. You can name yourself after a dessert, a flower, a city and you can ‘crown’ yourself royalty such as Princess Farhana. You can even have a first, middle and last name. And if you decide to change your name, no worries – my dearest friend changed her dance name to Marcilina because she decided being ‘Selena’ was too common!

Most importantly, choose a name that you adore and makes you want to dance.

I have included hundreds of Arabic and Goddess names for you to choose for yourself or your students in The Goddess Workout Teacher Training Manual for certified instructors.

Click here if you are If you are interested in becoming certified.

Click here to watch Conan learn to bellydance

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1. Krystle Hope wrote:
I can't wait to receive the new teacher materials!!

Wed, April 24, 2013 @ 12:19 AM

2. Dolphina and Goddess Life wrote:
There is more inspiration & ideas for Choosing a Stage Goddess Name in the Blog, too:)

Wed, April 24, 2013 @ 12:20 AM

3. Krystle Hope wrote:
I read it!! I personally just use "Krystle Hope" (Hope is my middle name), but a lot of students ask about stage name ideas, so thank you for sharing!

Wed, April 24, 2013 @ 12:21 AM

4. Venus Theresa Fitzcharles wrote:
My stripper name is Cinnamon Hips according to one of those silly name finder surveys. I kinda like that lol

Not seriously, but it made me giggle

Wed, April 24, 2013 @ 12:22 AM

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