How to Make a Vision Board actually Work. How to avoid your board becoming bored.

How to Make a Vision Board actually Work. How to avoid your board becoming bored.

How to Make a Vision Board actually Work. How to avoid your board becoming bored.

I know that sounds a bit harsh. However, all I want is for each and every one of our dreams to not just remain dreams.

It's probably safe to say that most of you have created a vision board once or twice. You read about it or made one in a workshop and it was an enjoyable activity. Maybe you even kept it. And displayed it in some significant place in your room. Any many of you actually manifested a dream from a picture you pasted - or at least you recognize some connection between that picture of a beach and a vacation you took to a tropical island. However, I am suggesting another way to create a vision board that is very effective in helping you turn your vision board into a visionbecomesyourlife board.

First, I recommend starting with a corkboard mounted on your wall. I'm talking your own Just like every badass CIA character like Carrie in Homeland to Maya in Zero-Dark-Thirty who both use their corkboards to help them see “the big picture” or clarify “the problem" (to fight terrorism).

There are many benefits to creating your vision board on a corkboard. Namely one: it is a way to keep dreams/goals moving and ever changing. Being easily able to add and remove pics is essential to manifesting your dreams into your life. If it’s pasted on the board, it makes it more difficult to remove that photo of that hot guy giving you a foot massage that you thought looked perfect next to the body you want to look like.. a super fit model (put a pic of you instead:) Try to see the connections between your visions or things you want to change and move them or remove them! In addition, we are always evolving and our visionboard should reflect this – or else it soon becomes outdated, stagnant and uninspiring and…forgotten.

Also, you will want to have a pinboard so that you can pin “things to do” that will help and make you take actions toward your dreams. This is key. If you only have pics that inspire you, your board could become bored. You want to upgrade these inspirations into actions. On my board, I’ve pinned an application for an important business document, business cards of people I need to contact, a calendar for the deadlines/launch of the new online Goddess Workout Teacher Training certification, a flyer for CPR class I need to sign up for and ideas for my upcoming birthday festivities.

Of course, I also have pinned to my vision board: creative ideas, positive affirmations, postcards, photos and images that inspire me. Of people that I adore, people I want to work with, quotes and images that I aspire towards. These I change often, as well.

This is how my board looks today. Can’t promise it will looks the same tomorrow!

I would love to see pics of your boards! And here the fascinating stories of your dreams…

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