How to Select and Serve a Bottle of Champagne - and Open the Bubbly Safely

To my sheer horror, I found out last night that one of my most glamorous and chic friends did not know how to open a bottle of champagne! This unpleasant discovery was made when the loaded weapon was pointed right at me: she had removed the wire cage (that goes around the cork) and the naked cork was aimed precisely in my direction while she aimlessly chatted about her recent shopping adventure. I tried to remain calm as I diverted a total catastrophe by quickly snatching the bubbly from her and putting my hand over the cork. After accusing her of the crime, she confessed that she did not know how to properly open a bottle. I realized at that moment - if she does not know how to open a bottle of champagne - then there must be so many other lost lambs out there! So, in my mission to make the world a better (and safer) place for Goddesses everywhere: here are the guidelines of how to properly select, open and serve a bottle of champagne.

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