Inspirational Goddess of the Month - Stacie Michele Jones "Viola"

Inspirational Goddess of the Month - Stacie Michele Jones "Viola"

Your stories of how The Goddess Workout has transformed your life serve as great inspiration to me and now I want to share it with other Goddesses!

Name: Stacie Michele Jones "Viola"
Living: Noblesville, Indiana
Story: First Burlesque Performance

In 2007 my dance teacher gave me Dolphina’s book bellydance for my birthday. Three years later I found the Goddess Workout VHS at Goodwill for 50 cents. Yes, Goddesses shop at Goodwill! After one hour with that video I was enthralled with the Goddess Workout! I knew I would never tire of that wonderful program and had to have more. My 40th birthday was soon after tand I bought myself 4 Goddess Workout DVD’s, including the Cardio Burlesque Workout. I love the Goddess Life message of honoring the goddess in every woman. I love the dancing! I could do it all day along, every day.

My friend Matt is a photographer for Angel Burlesque in Indianapolis, IN and invited me to their December 2011 Open Bra Night. The holiday themed Tinselgasm! Open Bras are Open Mics, but Burlesque Style!. First time performers can share the stage with seasoned professionals in a fabulously nurturing theatrical experience. I really enjoyed the show and next came a push to apply for the January 2012 Open Bra: Super Bra XLV1, in honor of SuperBowl XLV1 in Indianapolis.

I really hesistated to appy, until I remembered my favorite Goddess Workout DVD:Cardio Burlesque. Burlesque Goddess? Why not? Burlesque felt like such a big jump from my beloved bellydance. I had no idea how to break out of Classical Oriental and Egyptian Folklore. So I got a spot as an Superbra XLV1 performer and promised myself that I wouldn’t back out! Oh what shall I do? I really needed to come out of my rational head and explore a more emotional and creative side to my dancing.

Settling on a Modern Raqs Sharqi style choreography, my first burlesque dance would be called The Other Football. It’s an homage to Soccer, the national sport of The Arab Republic of Egypt. Soccer fans and players are passionate about their football. I have bedroom window box seat of the soccer field across from my apartment. Holy feather fans, those obsessed footballers start slamming their car doors at 6:30am on Sunday. And geez, do they have to yell too?

Well geez, I had just ordered a Raqs Sharqi costume from Cairo in the colors of the Egyptian Flag. Now that‘s passion, equal to sunrise football obsession. Great Goddess! It was time to stop calling the sequins sparkly and lighten up! Passion by Rod Stewart was my song choice. (Did you know he owns a soccer team?) I had a Superbra to wear and was not going not to chain myself to choreography. I would strategically take down my hair, remove 1 glove, then the other and finish with a big improvisation. The pre-show run through felt very awkward. I hoped it was just an omen for a great show.

Someone dropped out and was suddenly number 13, very unnerving for a superstitious person like me. The moment had arrived! I did my Viola showgirl walk onto the stage, shimmied, flipped my hair and pulled off a glove! I was 1/2 way through and the music skipped back to the beginning.OH NO! So I instantly replayed my shimmies from the beginning! It was a bit awkward to milk taking off 1 glove in 3 minutes, but I managed. My laughter has lasted a lot longer than my 4 ½ minute Instant Replay dance.

Two days later my laughter was quickly replaced by sadness and mourning. I learned of the Port Said, Egypt Soccer Stadium Clashes and more rioting in Cairo. How can I ignore these tragedies? I know shimmying in black, white and red costume won’t fix everything, but it will keep all the wonderful things about Egypt alive. It also reaffirms my unconditional gratitude and reminds me to take absolutely nothing for granted.

Happy Valentines Day to you! Shower yourself with all the grace and love of the Goddess. Whatever it is you try not to think about, shower it with all that Goddess Grace and love too! Then everyone and everything around you will reflect that grace and love a thousand fold.
I’ll end with the Goddess Life Affirmation: “When you awaken to the power of the Goddess Within, magical things will happen.”

Favorite Goddess Workout move: It’s so hard to pick just 1, I love them all. Hip drops and lifts in squat from the Warrior Goddess Workout
Favorite binge food: potato chips!
Dream job: open a women and children’s shelter kids in Cairo

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