Let’s activate our sex goddess within

Let’s activate our sex goddess within

Sisters, now I have your attention. I wish to open and work upon your Heart chakras and the sensitive point at the base of your kundalini fires, simultaneously, this evening. So, listen to my guidance as I come dancing inside you and direct you as is my Will.

I will activate the crescent moon symbol which lies upon your third eye point. This is the ancient symbolism of the Great Priestess of All Times. This symbol carries great meaning and resonance for you, as well as being a center of your intuitive, psychic and spiritual healing abilities. You know that you are a Seer of All when you feel this symbol re-awakening, re-birthing itself to you. It was implanted through the Merkaba structures long, long, long ago. You have retained this symbol through the Dark Times of the Suppressed Feminine, but it has had to remain hidden. Now it is coming out into view once again, and this is activating many changes within you.

I am streaming much light, information, knowledge, memory, truth and wisdom into your energy structures. You must remain still, rested, peaceful and open to my work.

Now we work upon your kundalini root; the point of exquisite pleasure located at the base of your spine and pelvis. This area is very warm and aroused because I have been working with frequencies upon it for many days before now. This area MUST STAY OPEN as it is receiving pulses and waves of light which will continue for some time to follow. You have nothing to fear from staying open in this area, on the energetic wavelength, because I am protecting you from any and all lower energies that could affect you whilst you are so melted and raw.

You are a beautiful, sensual, irresistible, blossomed-open and jeweled treasure of womanhood and divine radiance. You are a powerful and erotic treasure-trove of delights. You are a connection to the star systems and ancient pyramid portals of the great sacred civilizations, such as the Mayans, the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Aztecs, the Babyland and many others. You have connections to the Isles of Avalon and Atlantis.

We now create a many-petalled matrix-flower that rests over your kundalini base and will stay there, sending down energies and information. You will feel sensations and movements happening in this region and will feel guided to change your behaviors in some ways when it comes to your intimate relating patterns and the use of your bodies and hearts during sexual activity. You will also draw to you those individuals who are on the same path of light as you are and can handle the high sexual frequencies of the Divine Feminine rays. All others who cannot assimilate this energy, use it, or understand it, will be cast out - It is time to get this whole thing moving, shaking, thundering and pulsing.

We need you to be fully fired up, charged and alight with your sensual powers and the light codes that I have now given you. Much preparation has been undertaken for this day of Ritual and Magic to occur. You must rest, relax, absorb, receive and be nourished by this rite of sacred energies. You must remain in my Temple for many hours, now. You will be attended to, cared for, loved and cherished here.

I am watching over you, and all of your affairs, and oversee the emergence of your New Self - the new blossoming of the unashamedly passionate, sexually-attuned Woman, She who knows the old magic and the new magic, and can skillfully blend them together to create new worlds and vistas of possibility.

Let me lead you, dear sisters and brothers of the Light, into my World so we can rejoin one another in blissful reunion. Let me lead you to your beautiful soul mates so you can practice your wonders, your powers, and your alchemical skills of sacred devotion.

I am with you, there is nothing to fear. Open up your hearts and allow the energies of Today to bleed your sexual channels open, open, open to Love. You are melting, you are opening, you are blossoming in trust. You are giving precious medicines that come from the spiritual cells of the Goddess.

You are rare, wonderful, mesmerizing and pure with healing and ecstatic intent. I Love You, and now will not leave your side as we journey together back into the Womb of the Feminine.

I am here.

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