Let’s put the ‘sister’ back in sisterhood

Let’s put the ‘sister’ back in sisterhood

Every woman is a goddess … but if you want to join the GoddessLife Sisterhood you must learn to bow to other goddesses.

It’s time to put the sister back into sisterhood, and it starts with you and me, right here and now. There is a sacred code of sisterhood written on your soul and you alone hold the key. We’re talking next-level girl power. We are the women who have silently walked for thousands of years only to find ourselves back here on earth, charged with the task of re-awakening the deep feminine soul for humanity through sisterhood.

One woman is powerful, but The GoddessLife Sisterhood is unstoppable. We are boss babes; a tribe that elevates each to be our absolute best and stands by us at our absolute worst; a squad that loves men, but hates patriarchal bullshit; a gang of goddesses who could choose to compete but opt for the higher road of collaboration; a community of queens who won’t just fix your crown, but pick it up for you and dust it off when it falls; a circle of women who shun jealousy; who resist comparison; who rebuff name-calling; who turn away from gossip.

A sisterhood of women have each other’s back, soul, spirit, heart and best interests in mind, always.

Retire the restricting belief that there’s room for only so many successful women at the top of any field of business, politics, leadership or spirituality. This false belief leaves us standing alone, a woman in a “man’s world”, forcing us to compete like a man. It is incumbent on us women to remain a humanizing force in this world, a world in which women are often marginalized, overwhelmed by unrealistic representations in popular culture, and pitted against one another rather than urged to rise together.

However, to value other women, you must first feel worthy yourself, and comfortable in your womanhood. You can learn to trust, love and support other women, even if every experience in the past reinforced the contrary. To be a sister is to be a fierce advocate for and builder of women. Challenge the systems that marginalize women. Flip the narrative. The GoddessLife Sisterhood believes in an abundance of opportunities for all women, and bringing the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine back into balance.

Our planet has been out of balance for hundreds, even thousands of years. The Feminine strengths have been trivialized, undervalued, unrecognized and suppressed. Let’s shine a light on the core elements of the Feminine: unconditional love, creativity, connection to nature, fierce protectiveness, compassion, trust in the flow of life, intuitive wisdom, emotional intelligence, sensitivity and receptivity.

The first time I empowered another woman was the most powerful moment of my life. When I unlocked the sacred code of sisterhood written on my own soul, I realized that empowering other women doesn’t diminish our own power, it multiplies it!

I challenge each of you to make way for the next woman to succeed. You don’t have to be their bestie or even include them in your inner circle, but I encourage you to follow these 5 simple rules when dealing with your fellow sisters:

1) Stand beside other women when they speak their truth. Every woman needs to know that when she ventures out to challenge injustice, to protect the earth, to stand in her confident light, to bellydance, to share her #metoo, that it won't be as bad as she feared because there will be a woman on her left and a woman to her right saying, "You go, sister". It's not enough to stand up for your beliefs. It's time to stand up for what other women believe.

2) Silence the gossip. Stop competing and comparing yourself to other women. No more putting other women down to make yourself feel better, or placing another on a pedestal to make you feel like less. Whether it’s celebrities, co-workers, classmates, politicians, neighbors or women you stalk on Insta, let the gossip go.

3) Pay sisters compliments. Women tend to extend flattering remarks to complete strangers for their fashion sense. “Nice purse.” “That’s a pretty dress.” “Where did you ever find those shoes?!” Let’s not stop here. Let’s bring this feminine attribute of kindness into other areas of our complex lives, let’s bring them inside our inner circle.

Try telling another:

  • You inspire me.
  • I trust your judgment.
  • Your happiness is contagious.
  • You're so good at your job.
  • You have great ideas.
  • You have a beautiful spirit.
  • You’re such a good mother.
  • You’re so brave.
  • You have great abs.

When you recognize and acknowledge the magnificent qualities in other women you begin to see them in yourself, and build your confidence. Plus, giving a compliment can make someone’s day, and that always feels good.

4) Put money in women’s hands. Support women run businesses by going out of your way to shop from companies that are women owned. Hire women for events. Don’t ask women to donate their healing services or bellydance performances for free. Pay women. Do you wonder what our society would look like if women weren’t undercut financially?? Then, thank women for their time, intelligence, presence and skills by paying her money. If there is a woman in your life who you could be purchasing from, lending money to, financially backing or sharing your abundance with - do it. That’s it. Give women money.

5) Create your own women’s circle. Goddess gatherings fulfill an important need we have as women — to honor all that is feminine within us. When we connect on this deep level, we strengthen the legacy of great women that have gathered together in supportive, positive and dynamic environments. Each woman is a unique and special goddess. However, when we assemble as a group to celebrate being women, something extraordinarily powerful occurs — the group transforms into an intimate tribe of sisters, following an ancient tradition that goes back for longer than any of us can fathom. I believe that our society is starving for this deep feminine connection. I haven’t come across a woman who doesn’t yearn for it.

If you can do all, or any, of these things, you will be putting the sister back in sisterhood and I, for one, will thank you for raising me up. Thank you for being my friend, my sister and my ally.

Women are the heartbeat of every community, and when you inspire women to be the most radiant and powerful versions of themselves, we can change the world.

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