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  • Goddess Gatherings - Why they are Important

    Goddess Gatherings fulfill a very important need we have as women to honor all that is feminine within us. When we connect on this deep level, we become connected to the legacy of great women that have gathered together in supportive, positive and dynamic environments.

    My first Goddess Gathering took place when I was living in New York City almost by chance.


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  • Magical Moonlight

    While I was driving home tonight from my bellydance gig in Malibu, I was so enchanted by the glow of the Full Moon and the illuminated path it created on the ocean that I nearly drove off a cliff! I began to think about how staggering the influence the Moon has on Earth: twice a day, it makes the waters of the oceans ebb and flow.  It takes about 1,500,000,000 horsepower for the Moon to drag the tides across the Earth each day. Sheesh, that's a lot of power! Scientists (those cuties with the white coats and coke-bottle glasses) say that our body is made up of 95% water. With all this power, the Moon (also known as Luna) must affect us, too, no doubt.  Perhaps which is why we attribute craziness and wild behavior to the Full Moon with the term: lunatic.

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