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  • Fitness & wellness inside & out

    It's not uncommon in the fitness & wellness world to judge positive change by the exterior. For example, this image is of a strong & flexible bellydancer in a challenging balancing position. I'm roughly 8-9 years younger here, easily 20lbs lighter, and injury free. Yet if you took a look into my mind you'd find a wild child that was desperate to be successful & loved and had zero coping skills for dealing with pain & trauma.
     Fast forward to current day: My positive growth hasn't come from dancing & performing for hours & hours every day.  I'm still strong & flexible but way softer, and am nurturing my broken leg & bruised heart back to health day by day. However, if you cracked my soul open, you would find a woman who no longer hides her head in shame with regrets of the past or is consumed with unbearable loss. You would find a soul who finds pride in being a good friend, true to my word and being able to shimmy once a day. I am now a Serene Goddess & I am convinced the best is yet to come!
     Anyone else riding this rollercoaster? I'm guessing we all are. Here's to joining hands yet simultaneously throwing them up into the air. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Make Today Beautiful

    It doesn't have to be: New Year's, Monday or morning for you to start: eating healthier, doing The Goddess Workout (or dancing/exercising), being kinder (to others & yourself), starting your project, making a difference, forgiving, enjoying yourself or making life beautiful. Each moment is filled with opportunity. You can start anytime, now, at this very moment.