Intro to Bellydance


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Invigorating world percussion, sensual flutes, and healing ocean sounds engage your body, mind, and spirit, making everything you do feel more exciting, sexy, and fun.

  1. Aphrodite's Mysteries 2:45
  2. Whispers of Rumi 8:38
  3. Dance Dolphin Dance 4:43
  4. Kundalini in G 7:30
  5. Source of Nectar 5:46
  6. The Oracle 4:56
  7. Lilith's Groove Garden 3:35
  8. Full Moon Ritual 2:30
  9. Ecstasy 2:53
10. Ocean Depth 4:20

Produced by Dolphina
Music Produced and Composed by Lee Curreri
Oud & Violin: John Bilezikjian
Flute: Jeff Rona
Percussion: Andre Harutyunyan, Greg Ellis (appears courtesy of Narada Records)
Keyboard: Lee Curreri

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