Spa Goddess


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Dolphina invites you to surrender to the Sea Siren's call in this GoddessLife sampler.

 Subtle melodies infused with ocean sounds, soothing flutes, strings, and percussion transport you to a world of exotic beach bliss tranquility and rejuvenation. Here is the ideal accompaniment for yoga, massage, temple dancing and relaxing in your own private sanctuary.

   1. Sea Siren 6:15
   2. Goddess Salutations 7:13
   3. Ocean Depth 4:20
   4. Twilight on the Nile 6:05
   5. Whispers of Rumi 8:38
   6. Stardust Shower 6:08
   7. Blessings 2:42
   8. Isis Temple 6:04
   9. Trance Bliss 3:00
 10. Tabu 3:00
 11. Devotion 3:09

 Tracks 3 & 5:
Produced by Dolphina
Music Produced and Composed by Lee Curreri
Oud & Violin: John Bilezikjian
Flute: Jeff Rona
Percussion: Andre Harutyunyan, Greg Ellis (appears courtesy of Narada Record)
Keyboard: Lee Curreri

 Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Produced by Dolphina
Music Produced and Composed by Fritz Heede
Flutes: Suzanne Teng
World Percussion: Gilbert Levy
Violin: George Hamad
Bass: Barry Newton
Oud: Naser Musa
Oboe & English Horn: Paul Sherman
Douduk: Nork Manoukian
Kanun: Samer Farah
Sitar, Saz, & Keyboard: Fritz Heede