Practical Sex magic – how to Go Love yourself:

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Practical Sex magic – how to Go Love yourself:

Sex is fun. Sex is pleasurable. And sex is very powerful magic.

That’s because sex connects you to your creative power. Through sex, you can harness the power to create another human life, and you can harness that same power to create the life you want.

Sex stimulates your second chakra, where your reproductive organs and creative energy is held, and sex stimulates all of you. It clears your energy, opens you to the world and connects you to everything. When you orgasm, you are sent into an altered state of consciousness. Like deep meditation, orgasm stimulates the prefrontal cortex of your brain, and also like meditation, orgasm helps you experience the union between your body and soul. By embracing this altered state and its powerful release of energy, you can manifest your deepest desires.


Though some would argue all sex is magic, “sex magic” itself is a different concept entirely. (Sexcraft as I like to call it – as it is an art & skill) summons energy locked inside the body and uses orgasm as a vehicle to manifest. With orgasmic vibrations, spells intensify. And whether climax is reached with another body or alone, sex magic is one of the most effective ways to acquire desire. It is harnessing dreams into waking life.

The power sourced from sex magic doesn’t compare to any other magic on the market. Being a sex magic practitioner entails a few sly moves — mostly out-of-body experiences and mental states. In my experience, sex magic doesn’t just entail opening legs, but opening portals. What might surprise you most of all is realizing you’ve already been engaging in sex magic.

Sound fabulous? It is. And here are 15 crucial pieces of information to learn about sex magic so you can start making your wishes come true while you get off.

15 things to know about sex magic:



1). Sex magic is using your sexual energy to cast a spell.

Sex magic, or “sex magick,” which can be the preferred spelling, uses your sexual energy (often an orgasm) to cast a spell. Casting a spell is just setting an intention and the performing a ritual to bring the intention to the universe’s attention. You can cast a spell with candles, potions and perhaps the most fun, orgasms!

2). Orgasms can be powerful tools to harness energy.

Everything has energy, and anyone who has come their face off knows that orgasms are powerful forms of energy. Aside from feeling good and being a hot way to connect with your partner, modern witches believe sexual energy within an orgasm can be used as a ritual to cast a spell.

3). To cast a spell, just visualize what you want as you climax.

Words like magic, ritual and spells can seem complicated, but performing sex magic is easy peasy. Literally just visualize what you want while you cum. Want to attract a new partner that fits a certain description? Think about them. Want some bank? Think about cold hard cash while you cum – we can all get off on that!

4). Masturbation may be the best time to practice sex magic

Start all on your own. (Sex magic works with a partner, but when you’re just starting out, I advise working his magic solo). You want to give your spell your full concentration. If you’re having sex with someone else, you’re probably thinking about pleasing them sexually. This is completely appropriate, but such thoughts can be distracting to sex magic. Allow this to be about connecting with your body and soul and the universe. Approach yourself with genuine love and care. Know that your body is beautiful and just by being alive, you are a powerful source of magic. Then it’s just you, your orgasm and your intentions.

5). Can Anyone Do Sex Magic?

Yes, absolutely. If you already follow a magical path or belief system great – you can incorporate sex magic into it. The guidelines for sex magic are essentially the same as for any other type of magic, except when you do sex magic you’re driving a Porsche instead of a Honda Civic.

What if you don’t subscribe to any particular school of thought? No problem. Anyone, regardless of ideology, can do sex magic. Sexual energy is neutral. It has no conscience or inherent moral quality attached to it, just as fire is neither good or bad.

Do you need a partner of the opposite gender to do sex magic? No – sex magic relies on blending male and female energies. When I speak of male and female energies, I’m not referring to men and women. Everyone, regardless of gender, has both masculine and feminine energies. Same-sex couples can do sex magic as successfully as opposite-sex couples. You don’t even need a physical partner to perform sex magic. Solo sex (masturbation) is very effective – in fact, it may be a good idea to practice alone for a while before you start working with a magical partner. You can even call upon a deity to participate.

6). Empowerment and feminism

Witchcraft is, in essence, about women harnessing their power, not being stripped of it. Witchcraft has historically been demonized on the grounds that female sexuality and female reproductive capabilities were the source of evil and darkness. In that context, sex magic becomes all the more empowering for the modern witch and feminist. It’s about reclaiming and reframing sexuality, asserting bodily autonomy, and using both to conjure up your best life. In an era of near-constant attacks on reproductive rights and women’s sexual agency, it makes sense that popular interest in witchcraft is peaking. In a world that traditionally punishes women for freely enjoying both sex and magic, combing the two can feel revolutionary – and taking matters into one’s own hands only heightens that sense

7). Do no harm.

Speaking from personal experience, trying to work with other people’s wills is dangerous. Sex magic is about bodily autonomy and power, so trying to hijack someone else’s sexual agency for your own ends is all sorts of wrong to the practice of sexcraft. First and foremost, make the commitment to do no harm, and infringing on another person’s free will is harmful. Trust me on this one. The world is a better place when you are free and respecting other people’s freedom. Plus, casting a spell without considering all the potential consequences can backfire. Ultimately, don’t undermine your own potential power. When doing any kind of spell work, “Be careful what you witch for.”

8). It’s the intention that counts.

This one’s for the people who are like “Okay, well how does magic work??? Can I really get the partner of my dreams by masturbating?” Well, pleasuring yourself and harnessing your orgasm is only one part of the equation. Sexual energy is life energy. Its nature is to create. In the most rudimentary sense, the union of male and female spawns a physical child. However, every sexual act creates a “child” on the spiritual plane, regardless of where a flesh-and-blood baby is produced on the material plane. During sex, you plant “seeds” with your thoughts into the fertile “womb” of the cosmic matrix. You impregnate the matrix with what’s known as a magical child. Before you perform any type of spell, think about what you want.

Write out an intention letter, so you have a clear idea of what to visualize. Unlike your exes, the universe doesn't play games: It gets right to the point, and so when you're casting a love spell, your intentions need to be extremely specific. Remember, spells are simply conduits for energy, and if your spell is based on generalizations, your results will be imprecise. Are you looking for long-term commitment or passionate sex? Are you seeking to let go of painful, lingering feelings for your ex? Make sure you know precisely what you want to achieve before beginning your spell.

When we have a clear idea of what we want, we’re more likely to get it, and rituals such as sex magic help us to do this

9) Invite your partner.

Even those uninterested or skeptical of practices such as magic can attest to the intimacy and intensity of coming at the same time. With a partner, it becomes really cool and exciting when you can trust someone, and the both of you can work together. When you feel comfortable and confident working this magic on your own, feel free to invite a loving partner to join you. Sex is a beautiful way to connect and share your body and soul with someone you love. While I imagine sex magic also works between two people who don’t love each other, I don’t recommend it. This work is intensely intimate and vulnerable. You want to make sure you’re with someone who truly has your back.

In general, when practicing with a partner, communication is very important. You should with work together completely or keep your partner entirely in the dark about that you’re manifesting magic during intercourse. Either they know what you’re doing, or they shouldn’t know at all. Because any person who know of know and isn’t really into it they can mess up the whole flow of energy. So, either keep them ignorant altogether, or they know, and they are on the same page – but allowing their own magic to unfold, so it makes it that much more powerful if you are going to come together.

10). Let it flow

Don’t be surprised if this feels different than your typical sexual experience, that it’s different than your imagination or that it takes longer than usual. This is not about a quick release of sexual energy. You’re harnessing your energy and the power of the universe to make magic. When you cast your spell, you'll be channeling a great amount of energy, so don't be surprised if you physically feel the vibrations you're projecting. Your senses will also be heightened, and you'll be more receptive to subtle shifts within your environment, including in movements, temperatures, and sounds.

Keep in mind that it's neither possible nor desirable to remain in this heightened energetic state at all times, so don't worry when it dissipates after your spell has been cast; you can always return to this space. Remember too that while some love spells are realized literally overnight (especially those that are sex-centric), others need time to ripen. In the case of the latter, it is especially important to stay present and alert.

11). You can practice sex magic even when you’re not cumming

Orgasms get all the attention (and they are indeed powerful tools to cast magic with), but sexual energy is present more than just when we cum. If you’re a highly sexual person, you may already be aware of the magnetism you cast. As you do your make-up, walk down the street, dance, flirt with the coffee barista and any other activity in which you’re feeling yourself, your can practice sex magic by visualizing your desires coming to fruition.

12). Your spell doesn’t have to be about sex.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sex magic is that the spell you cast must be used to conjure a mate or to have better sex. You can practice sex magic to get whatever you want. Sexual energy is just energy. So feel free to visualize a bigger paycheck, a book deal, physical health and happiness when you cum.

13). Create a magical setting

To enhance the vibe of your magical masturbation night in, create yourself a magical setting. You deserve it. Put some effort into creating a sexy environment just for you! Put on some music, light candles, draw yourself a bath, scatter it with rose petals and masturbate in the tub. Even if you don’t believe in magic, creating a romantic night in can be healing in itself. Pleasuring yourself is sexy, hot and we never talk about it – like we keep it a secret. Why????

14.) The Nitty-Gritty

Sex magic is both an art and a skill. Like any art or skill, it requires learning certain techniques, then practicing those techniques to build up your magical muscles.


15). Trust that your spell will work

Your magickal intention is the foundation of any spell. Simply put, if you don't believe your spell will work, it won't. In order to make any change — not just within spell-casting, but in life at large — it is crucial to believe in your will. Every day, people change the world with their ideas. Your thoughts are always powerful forms of energy: Positive thoughts amplify abundance, while negative thoughts amplify scarcity.

If you believe in magic, casting spells with sex magic will transmit your intentions to the universe, and deities, which will listen and help make your wishes come true. However, the most potent ingredient in magic is you. Rituals, such as sex magic, can help put you in touch with your desires, and therefore become more aware of them. This often enough to encourage follow-through, but any spell requires action on your part. So after you’ve written an intention letter describing your ideal partner, and then orgasmed visualizing them, don’t forget to open your phone and start swiping, witch!

Once you release your magickal intention, it will take the best route to reach its destination, but this route won't necessarily be the fastest. Your energy has the power to bypass obstacles, but in order for the universe to do its thing, you need to give it time, space, and trust. When you obsess over the outcome of your spell, you infuse this energetic current with desperation, fear, and doubt. This energy muddles the effectiveness of manifestations, so play it cool and let the magick groove.

Within magick, there are no coincidences, so take note if you begin spotting consistent patterns in numbers or letters, encounter an unexpected creature (animals are messengers), or notice a shift — however subtle — in your relationship: These are clues that reveal how your spell is materializing.

At the end of the day, cosmic warriors, there is no greater power than light: The most effective spells are those rooted in empathy, kindness, and compassion, so always conjure with warmth.

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