Redecorate your House

Redecorate your House

I returned home from my recent travels disturbed by the cardboard boxes I found in my bedroom.  I could hardly believe they had been there for months (or longer). Being away gave me the perspective that stumbling over these boxes is a terrible way to get out of bed each morning! A good friend of mine, Ava Carpentier, came by to hear about my travels and while we talked, she helped me go through these items. Together we made a pile for donation, filing, garbage and to be fixed.When the boxes were gone, my friend rearranged my bedroom. Afterwards, it felt new, larger, expansive, clean and I felt ready for something new to come into my life. We celebrated with champagne and dancing.

We all have stuff we don’t know what to do with and we shove it into a box or closet or worse – in our bedroom! These items hold emotional attachments to old boyfriends, old thought patterns and other things that you intellectually want to let go of, but are still holding onto. You cannot lift these emotions out of your body, but you can do this with your stuff. You can dust, lift and throw out your stuff from old boyfriends, and feel how dirty, heavy it is. You can see how much space it was taking up in your life and how much room you now have for something new.

If you want radical change in your life,sometimes you need to make radical changes.  After you have made room by  take it one step further and shake up your house by jus trearranging everything? You don’t need to buy anything new and I guarantee youwill feel like you have a new house, new lease on life and you will be readyfor the next chapter!  Making a change in your living environment represents a change in your life – so rearrange your furniture and see how much change occurs! Its about seeing things in a new light. And let me know what happens!. 




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1. Jennifer wrote:
My sister came to visit just for a couple days this summer. We live on opposite coasts, so we did put soome good time to use on reorganizing my bedroom, moving some more juvenile stuff out, like a bunch of stuffed animals or baby dolls. We did make a princess wall on my side of the room and then a more romantic side for couples on the other, hopefully if I ever do find the right man for me. And at the head of my bed she put my peach belly dance coin scarf over the dresser, pink flowers in the middle, rose crytal quartz on one side and green emerald healing crystals on the other to heal me while I sleep. Very nice. No one is perfect but it is important to feel good when you walk through the door, so making an efficent working desk and getting piles of junk off my dinner table is a priority. I also put a few pictures of the surf or beach next to my front door. Thanks so much Dolphina! It is getting there!

Thu, September 4, 2008 @ 9:46 PM

2. Lisa wrote:
This really impacted me, I hang on to things past when I should let go. I also do not decorate my bedroom the way I really wish it could be, looking at your pics and reading this has inspired me to do this. I'm making a move to a new place and my first thing is that I'm going to make my room mine. Love the sheer fabric and the reds and pinks you have up. Yummm, sheer juicieness!

Thank you, Goddess D, for inspiring me more.

Love you!

Fri, September 5, 2008 @ 11:31 AM

3. Christine HoneyThighs wrote:
While i was bored.. (sitting at home on disability, with my broken wrist) I decided to go through this suitcase i had of old journals. Since i love to write, i had TONS of journals from the last 6 years. I guess i was keeping them around in case i decided that i wanted to publish a biography or something. lol. But rereading them, brought back alot of sadness and anger. I was not only reminded of how much ive grown through the years, But i realized that these journals were very repetitive. I seem to always want the same things, whine about the same things, and obsess over the same things. It was quite an awakening!!. When i was done going through all of them.. I felt a dark, heavy feeling. Like i had just relived all the tension I had written about for the last 6 years. I decided that i no longer wanted to hang onto that energy. I made a decision that I have a good enough memory to remember the important things, and In order to move forward, I have to let go of the past. I shredded each and every single page, and felt liberated.. telling the universe that Im ready for new stories in my life!! And after re-reading these journals, i became aware that certain unhealthy people have been lingering too long, and no matter how needy i feel, i have to resist the urge to bring them around me. It took alot of strength, since i was feeling desperate then, but the Universe has been rewarding me..!! I now have some great new people in my life, that are truly amazing..! My job appreciates me more! My customers are perfect for me! and im making more money!! :) It takes alot of strength to LET GO.. not everyone can do it!! But when you do, the results are incredible!! :)

Sat, September 20, 2008 @ 5:21 PM

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