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  • Happy Galentine's Day!

    ❤️Happy Galentine’s Day! 💕

    Celebrating Galentine’s Day my favorite way ever: dancing The Goddess Workout Burlesque @lululemon with @kendrahmckay @myrahpenaloza @ella_bella_may @beckyconners 💋

    Let’s reclaim the glory days of ancient Rome, when Valentine’s Day was a joyous holiday for all Goddesses – married, maiden or virgin. It’s all about you learning to own and enjoy your sexuality. The things I teach in The Goddess Workout Cardio Burlesque will show you how to be IN LOVE WITH LIFE! The French call it ‘joie de vivre’ and let me tell you, nothing is more attractive. 💋

    The Goddess Workout Burlesque Video: 

    on youtube: https://goo.gl/2SxtYC 

    on Amazon: https://goo.gl/MjVth3 💗

  • I decided to rescue myself and it’s the single thing that has changed my life.

    I decided to rescue myself and it’s the single thing that has changed my life. 

    I’m not a traditional girl so I didn’t envision a man on a white horse lifting me up and carrying me off into the sunset. But I did still want someone to rescue me. Fix me, heal my wounds and make me happy. In the past, I wanted a business partner to come and take charge of GoddessLife. A doctor to restore me back to health. A therapist to solve my mummy and daddy issues. A boyfriend to fill up that void. I gave my “life preserver” away to anyone with the hope they would rescue me.

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  • She turned her wounds into power at a sacred waterfall in Hawaii

    “She turned her wounds into power.” In this picture I'm at a sacred waterfall the ancient Hawaiians used for ceremonial childbirth. I had just finished performing a private ritual for the 20 women attending my GoddessLife Retreat. They had all left and it was just nature, Hawaiian ancestors, my photographer and me. The transformational energy was the most powerful I had ever felt. In this picture I am holding space for my own darkness. The vibration of the sacred space gave me the courage to brave my most fiercest battle: facing my own core wounds. My soul asked for guidance on how to let go of this darkness, hopelessness, self-loathing and the belief that I am broken; so my spirit can be filled with love and light. The reply was, “show me all the parts of you that you don’t love so I know where to begin.” I surrendered and felt my soul descend like Persephone into the underworld. I wasn’t scared; I felt the warm embrace of the Divine Feminine. “Precious Soul, you are needed. What an immense act of bravery it was to agree to come here again in this period of tumultuous and dramatic ascension shifts on Earth. What an immensely courageous Soul you are. Breathe into the knowing that you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. “ With the Divine’s empathetic vibrational message, I was able to just ‘be’ with the most unlovable parts of myself while also welcoming back the light.

    Dear Precious Souls, I wish for you that when the darkness, pain and judgment arises within that you that you are able to find or create a loving space where you can feel empathy towards your precious soul. That you know that you are needed here on this earth. That sometimes you need to experience this darkness to be able to resurrect to the light. That you are a warrior of truth, light and wisdom. Blessed be.

  • Why do i bellydance?

    Why do I dance? For the absolute and sheer delight. To go within, to feel, to let myself feel, to experience movement. To connect with the divine within. To connect with mother earth. To connect with others. To feel feminine. For my insides and for my outsides. All my parts desire my attention. I desire my attention. I deserve my attention. And learning that I am worthy of my attention has been a beautiful part of feeling at home in this skin, on this earth, here, now. This is why I dance. Why do you dance?
     🐬🐚🌊my first bellydance costume made out of shells i found on the beach🐬🐚

  • Fall IN LOVE with Life this Valentine's Day and let's bring sexy back!

    While I was at my favorite coffee shop this morning, I meandered around the store looking at all the Valentine’s Day gifts they had for sale. What happened next was so utterly mystifying, that I let my café mocha become cold and had to order another. Let me first preface this with: I am a huge fan of gifts. If it’s wrapped in a bow, even an empty box is irresistible to me. This said, I was bewildered by the fact that I wouldn’t want to receive any of these things for sale at the coffee shop as presents for Valentine’s Day. Yes, they were so over-the-top saccharine sweet that I got a cavity just looking at them. But that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. Or is it?

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  • The struggle with body confidence is real.

    The struggle with body confidence is real.

    We all tell ourselves stories about our bodies. And if we said them aloud towards someone else, we would seem cruel.

    I’ve been telling my body that it is worn-out, washed-up, wrecked, ruined and broken. Two years ago, I broke my leg and last year I was in the hospital 4 times. I saw several doctors and took countless tests (even for cat scratch fever – which I was secretly hoping I had because it sounds so cool). I was so sick some days that getting out of bed and to the couch was a major accomplishment.

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  • There is in all of us a Wild and Ancient Gypsy

    There is in all of us a Wild and Ancient Gypsy. We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams. There is part of us that can never ever be happy until the gypsy can dance. I have a gypsy soul & this gypsy needs to dance. Calling all gypsy souls out there ~ are you dancing today? 💃💃

  • BIG discount and new dates for GoddessLife retreats to Hawaii, Greece and Los Angeles!

    I'm over-the-moon excited to announce all new dates for GoddessLife retreats to Hawaii, Greece and Los Angeles! AND if you register for one of these once-in-a-lifetime trips in the next 48 hours you will receive a 50% discount! Yup, that's right! Only $100 to reserve your spot for an adventure that is nothing short of magic. All retreats include accommodations, yummy meals, daily dance classes with yours truly, transport (except airfare) and optional Goddess Workout Teacher Training. Come nourish, pamper and hit the reset button with me The GoddessLife sisterhood &:

    Swim with dolphins in Hawaii: www.goddesslife.com/dolphin-retreat

    Learn to surf in Los Angeles: www.goddesslife.com/certification-la

    Goddess Temples in Greece: www.goddesslife.com/greece-retreat

  • Fitness & wellness inside & out

    It's not uncommon in the fitness & wellness world to judge positive change by the exterior. For example, this image is of a strong & flexible bellydancer in a challenging balancing position. I'm roughly 8-9 years younger here, easily 20lbs lighter, and injury free. Yet if you took a look into my mind you'd find a wild child that was desperate to be successful & loved and had zero coping skills for dealing with pain & trauma.
     Fast forward to current day: My positive growth hasn't come from dancing & performing for hours & hours every day.  I'm still strong & flexible but way softer, and am nurturing my broken leg & bruised heart back to health day by day. However, if you cracked my soul open, you would find a woman who no longer hides her head in shame with regrets of the past or is consumed with unbearable loss. You would find a soul who finds pride in being a good friend, true to my word and being able to shimmy once a day. I am now a Serene Goddess & I am convinced the best is yet to come!
     Anyone else riding this rollercoaster? I'm guessing we all are. Here's to joining hands yet simultaneously throwing them up into the air. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Changing the world - Make a difference one Goddess at a Time

    My mind has been on something quite simple—changing the world :)

    I’ve been focused on empowering other women to empower other women by certifying women to teach The Goddess Workout, spread the GoddessLife philosophy and becoming "The Goddess" in their community by blending their own skills & interests with what they love most about GoddessLife. It's been so inspiring to encourage women all over the globe to beat the odds, be strong and live big. (this pic is of me on skype call at 2:30am with a woman from The Czech Republic. And yes...I dress up for every single GWI career consultation!)

    It’s made me wonder— how can our actions be so powerful that we leave lasting ripples that inspire others to do the same? The refreshing answer doesn’t involve huge, intimidating steps, but simple, thoughtful ones. It starts with how we interact at home. Do we support our family and tribe, or do we challenge them every step of the way. Are we willing to lead by example instead of living small and never thinking we’re enough? I know we can make history by taking a stand. It starts by being willing to shine and own our power. When we do this we give others permission to do the same. We WANT others to shine as bright as us—it’s nothing to fear. A world full of people who have come alive would be an absolute blessing.

    So how do we change the world? It starts with you. Pursue what makes your heart beat, even if it seems impossible or bizarre. Don’t let the opinions of others hold you back. Know what fires you up and pursue it with passion. xoxoxoxo Dolphina

    Changing the world...one Goddess at a time.




  • Goddess Workout Bellydance and Burlesque Classes with Dolphina

    These women only events are unforgettable and dedicated to the empowerment of women. They follow in the tradition of women getting together in a supportive, positive and dynamic environment. Along with the support of a community of strong, fun and sassy women, you will learn how to unleash your magnificent inner Goddess. Together we will turn the ordinary into extraordinary, the faded into fabulous and the dreary into darling!

    Dolphina rarely teaches in Los Angeles...so this is an extra special treat. There are 3 Goddess Workout bellydance classes and one burlesque class. You can take one class or sign up for the entire dance class package. There is also an optional Goddess abundance ritual included in the entire dance dance class package.

    Register for individual dance classes:


    Or click here to find out more about classes and to register

    Or click herefor more more more info

  • Pre-sale going on NOW on NEW Goddess Workout online Teacher Training Program

    Dear GoddessLife Community,

    Announcing ALL NEW online Teacher Training Certification.Watch video

    PRE-SALE discount going on NOW for ONE WEEK ONLY!

    Join The GoddessLife Family and make money while making a difference in the world one Goddess at a time.


    Dolphina and everyone at GoddessLife HQ

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  • Aim True

    Aim True!










  • Upcoming All NEW Online Goddess Workout Bellydance Teacher Training Videos

    Are you ready for the NEW Online Certification Goddess Workout Bellydance Teacher Training videos?









  • Goddess of the Month - Krystle Hope of Serenity Haven Studio

    Be prepared to be inspired! I adore ALL the women featured as Goddess of the Month – but I am very excited to share with you Krystle Hope’s story. She epitomizes everything I hope The Goddess Workout will do to transform your body, mind and spirit AND after she became a certified Goddess Workout instructor in April 2012 – she embodies everything I hope a GoddessLife instructor to be.

    Now I will let her tell you her SUCCESS story:

    Becoming a Goddess Workout belly dance instructor has transformed my life. Not too long ago, I was just like my students: battling with my body and myself. (Many of the women in my class have suffered from fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, old injuries that never healed properly and severe back and joint pain.) I had gained 70 pounds with my pregnancy and I hated my postpartum body. I felt ashamed of it and disgusted with myself for looking this way. For a while, I honestly thought that I wouldn’t be able to belly dance again.

    Click here to read Krystle's entire inspiring story
    Click here to read her experience of teaching her first Goddess Workout Class
    Krystle’s website: www.SerenityHavenStudio.com
    Click here to connect with Krystle on Facebook

  • GoddessLife Woman of the Week Wednesdays - Jane Fonda

    It's GoddessLife Woman of the Week Wednesday! Here at GoddessLife HQ, we feature a woman who embodies the highest possible expression of her nature. Honoring the brilliance in other women will help all of us on our path to living our own true potential.

    It was unlike anything that anyone had ever seen or done before. The video opens with a close-up shot of a dancer wearing leg warmers as she stretches her leg up on a dance barre and then pans out to show a typical scenario of dancers gathering for a class. Then the camera zooms across the room onto Jane Fonda wearing her infamous stripped leotard with a belt around her waist (what was that for?), tights and leg warmers. She comes up from touching her toes, tosses back her head and utters enthusiastically her now famous line, “ Are you ready to begin the workout?” towards the camera – as if she is talking to us – because she was. We were now taking a class with the famous Jane Fonda as our instructor in the privacy and convenience of our home.

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  • GoddessLife TuesdaysShoesdays - Nike Studio Wrap Dance Yoga Shoes

    It's Tuesday and the day we at GoddessLife HQ feature an outrageous, fabulous, unbelievable pair of shoes. Why? Because it's TuesdaysShoesday!And no matter what you choose to wear on your tootsies, go out there and strut your stuff Goddesses!

    I know I'm not supposed to. But I can't help it. I love these new Nike Studio Wrap shoes!

    I'm aware the entire yoga blogosphere has their chakras in a twist over these shoes. Blog after blog accuse Nike of peddling a product we don't need just to squeeze their way into the market "owned" by Lululemon. Don't get me wrong, I heart Lululemon. I'm a Lululemon Ambassador for asanas sake!

    Reading these blogs, it seems as if the entire yoga community meditated at the banks of the Ganges and it spoke. The words were: these shoes are too expensive, unnecessary and they would be embarrassed to wear them to class. I disagree.

    Possibly it's because I'm a dancer, as well as, yogini. Perhaps it's because Nike is a Greek Goddess and us goddesses wear everything from Lululemon to a gypsy scarf from a flea market. Or maybe it's simply that they are pretty. Whatever the precise reason, I cannot wait to lace a pair on and go to a pilates, ballet barre, yoga or belly dance class!

  • Have you done the Goddess Workout today?

    Who is doing The Goddess Workout today? I just did mine and I feel completely transformed! Remember...you are only one workout away from feeling like a Goddess. xxx






  • Register by the 15th for Goddess Workout Sassy Sunday to receive Early Bird Discount

    Register by August 15th for Goddess Workout Sassy Sunday to receive the Early Bird Discount








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  • Two Valentine's Day Music Playlists: Valentine's mix sexuelle and L'amour Romantique

    Playlist One: Valentine's mix sexuelle
    In my quest to squeeze sexy back into Valentine's Day, I created this mix.  What are your favorite sexy songs?

    Playlist Two: L'amour Romantique Valentine

    While I was on my mission of making Valentine's more sexy, my darn heart got in the way. The next thing I knew, I making a romantic playlist, too. Cie la vie! What are your favorite love songs?

    Click here to read entire blog & listen/download playlist . Enjoy xo

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    Congratulations to December's Winner: Louise Randall of Southampton, UK

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  • So, You’re Thinking about Performing a Bellydance Show for the First Time?

    I would bet my bottom dollar that since the moment you began taking belly dance classes or practicing with DVDs, you have heard this question: "When are you going to perform for me?" Who could blame them? I could watch belly dancers 24/7 and feel like a kid on Christmas morning with each and every shimmy.

    Women wrote me so often with questions about performing a bellydance show for someone special that I included a bonus segment on The Goddess Workout: Intro to Bellydance entitled: "How to Bellydance for Your Man". Recently, I have received so many inquiries about the names of the song and on which CD is the track that I taught or performed a routine on my Goddess Workout DVDs. So darlings, here in this blogpost, I have listed all the Goddess Workout DVD routines, name of song and # of track from which CD…and a link to listen to clips and download your desired song.

    Click here to read entire blogpost, listen to songs & download tracks!

  • How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions All Year

    Say it with me: "This year I'm going to transform my life from mundane to magical by not only writing down my New Year’s Resolutions, but actually following through with them." Easy enough, right? For some, but for most people, the easy part comes in the writing of them, not the doing.

    How many people do you know resolve very year to tone their bodies, lose weight, exercise more? And how many people actually do it? 

    Ah yes, therein lies the rub....

    Click Above (underlined in pink) to read entire blogpost and find out how to follow through with your New Year's Resolutions!

  • Teaching Conan O'Brien to bellydance on live TV

    I was at the US Embassy in Kuwait when a producer from the Conan O’Brien TV show called early one Tuesday morning. She asked, “Would I fly 6384 miles to appear on his late night show that Thursday?” “Absolutely,” I answered and packed my suitcase. I have appeared on literally hundreds of TV shows to promote my fitness, bellydance and women’s empowerment books and workout DVDs. I’ve shimmied with Regis, undulated with the women on The View and taught Carrie and Miranda on Sex and the City to awaken their Goddess within.

    Click here to watch TV segment

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  • Pay Women Compliments

    Years ago, a pretty woman in her twenties, approached me after I finished a bellydance show and asked me if she could ask me an unusual question. I must interject here that after I perform, I consistently receive an unbelievable assortment of questions and compliments: hilarious, flattering, way-too-personal, rude, and repetitive—you name it, I’ve heard it. I try my darndest to be polite and utter a quick thank-you but I often use one of my worn-out comebacks that I should really retire. I am aware that bellydance is provocative and some people are unsure of an appropriate response. But I digress…

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    Congratulations to November's Winner: Dara Eisenberg of New York City

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  • Fasten your seatbelts -Mercury goes retrograde today. Btw, what does that mean???

    Fasten your seatbelts; it’s going be a bumpy ride from November 24th through December 14. Mercury will be going into retrograde starting tomorrow, taking us for a wild ride for the next three weeks. Be prepared to get lost, run out of gas, arrive at your appointment late, spill coffee on your favorite skirt, misplace your files, fight with your boyfriend and leave with a parking ticket. Sound like oodles of fun? It’s unfortunate that you cannot stop Mercury from going retrograde, but there are some tricks to help you survive during this time and possibly even learn some things!

    Dare you ask, what does Mercury in retrograde mean?

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    Congratulations to August's winner: Stephanie Janney of Strongsville, Ohio

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  • The Goddess of Pampering: Elizabeth Arden - Pioneer of the Beauty Industry & Yoga!

    I am deeply grateful for the woman that gave us the gift and tools for pampering!

    Her name is Elizabeth Arden & positively every woman in the United States used her creams, perfumes and cosmetics, including Marilyn Monroe. Elizabeth was an unstoppable powerhouse created absolutely everything what we know today as the $150 billion global health and beauty industry.

    She was divinely inspired (obviously) when she opened the first modern day spa and beauty salon. In 1915 she began franchising these temples to beauty called The Red Door that are still in fashion today! She also formulated and manufactured her own cosmetic line and used modern mass marketing techniques to bring her products to the public. Additionally, she introduced the concept of the "makeover" in her salons. A true visionary, she also pioneered restorative exercises based on yoga – nearly 100 years ago!

    What a woman! She was a true luminous visionary whose products are still relevant today. Click here to read her entire inspiring story.

  • My Secrets to Get Back into Shape

    I’ll admit it. I took the chocolate road to happiness this spring. After a series of personal losses, I let myself go and my buns of steel turned to buns of marshmallows. I stopped exercising and was breathless after a 15 second lap dance for my boyfriend. It was perfectly normal for me to eat a cupcake for breakfast. I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. I was out of control and completely out of shape.


    Click here to read entire blog: My Secrets to getting back into shape

  • GoddessLife Panty X-Change - BURLESQUE Style!

    Today was my 6th annual GoddessLife Panty X-Change and we did it Burlesque style! What you ask is a GoddessLife Panty X-Change? And how do you do it Burlesque Style? Well, relax, pour yourself a delicious beverage and let me tell you the entire ridiculously fabulous story.

    It all began 6 years ago when 4 of my dearest girlfriends and I desperately longed for more panties. We are all burlesque dancers, bellydancers, hula dancers, cheerleaders and addicted to lingerie. We wore panties while we performed, in classes at my dance studio (The Goddess Center) and for fun. We actually needed them. Once you feel nice knickers on your body, its impossible to return to ordinary undies. Trust me. It was a problem of the highest magnitude; it was a thirst we could not quench. Something must be done! After much research, concentration and meditation, the idea was born that would solve all of our problems and fill our drawers with adorable drawers. For the Winter Holidays, the gift that we would give each other would be panties. AKA: The GoddessLife Panty X-Change.

    Click here to read how the Panty X-change works, my review of BURLESQUE and more unmentionables!

  • In celebration of *BURLESQUE Week - Enter to win a FREE Goddess Workout Burlesque DVD

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    Click here to enter and read more about and watch clips from the Goddess Workout Burlesque DVD.


  • Have you been tempted by The Apple?

    Just like Eve, I have eaten from The Apple
    …and now there is NO turning back!

    This phenomenon is happening to millions of Americans and it can happen to you, too. I have taken a bite of The Apple and now I am thoroughly smitten with their technology and products. I am tempted by every new release. I am holding their latest irresistible fruit: the iphone 3GS. I never have regrets, though. It is surprising how much more attached I become to each new product or latest generation. My life has become utterly dependent on its technology.


    Click"Have you been tempted by the Apple?"  to read entire blog post and view more photos and their details

  • Win FREE panties! (Not an April Fool's Joke - I PROMISE!)

    Win Free Panties in GoddessLife's free Goddess Giveaway!

    Each month a winner is selected at random to win FREE GoddessLife merchandise. These items are exclusive and are not sold anywhere. This month's winner will receive a FREE pair of limited edition GoddessWear Panties.

    The panties are available in red, baby pink, black and heather grey (with white lettering) and white with red lettering. Each has a diamond rhinestone in the center of the "o". They are available in hotpants/boyshort (pictured) or thongs.

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  • Do you love your job? - Do what you love and love what you do. March 2010 Newsletter

    Dear eGoddess Community,

    I love my job! It’s crazy, but I adore it more than breakfast in bed. And that’s saying a lot! GoddessLife headquarters is an unconventional workplace that I created by doing what I love to do: dancing, dressing up and empowering women to discover their own path. I found my purpose in life, but it wasn’t always this way.

    Today I was reminded of the zany and unbelievable events that led to me to the creation of my company. This morning began with squeals of delight as I entered my office to find it revamped into a showgirl’s dream. I hired a designer to add some simple shelves while I was away for a week teaching a workshop. I returned to find she painted the shelves with opalescent paint and covered the sides with rhinestones. She draped fabric from the ceiling and removed all filing cabinets. All files, documents and books were placed on the gorgeous shelves. I couldn’t help but rediscover all my diaries that had been tucked out of sight for years, like the journals I kept when I lived at the infamous Chelsea Hotel in NYC. I pulled them off the shelf and began to read. I was brought back to the time in my life when I was lost and looking for direction. The following paragraph is the paragraph I wrote in my diary the night I discovered my career path:

    Click here to read entire "Do what you love and love what you do" March 2010 Newsletter

  • The Cairo Chronicles - An American Bellydancer who Moves to Egypt to Pursue her Dream

    Aleya is a phenomenal bellydancer in Cairo. She tells fantastic stories of rubbing rhinestones with famous Egyptian bellydancers and having snake charmers serenading outside her apartment because they think she is a wealthy Saudi. But the most amazing part of her life’s story is that she is an American bellydancer who decided to live her dream and move to the heart of the bellydance world.


    Aleya and I go “way back” as dancers. I had the honor of dancing with her when we were both performing in the restaurants and clubs of Los Angeles.  As a bellydancer, it is one thing to be respected by Middle-Easterners living in the United States, but it is entirely different story to perform in the Middle-East.

    I believe that dreams should not be just dreams. The way I see it is that dreams aren't made for sleeping on. They visit with purpose. And yet, I know how difficult it is to follow our dreams.

    I am so inspired by Aleya pursuing such a bold dream, that I asked her to tell her to write her story and share it with us. Enjoy The Cairo Chronicles and let her motivate you to do what you love and love what you do.

    Click "The Cairo Chronicles" above in pink to read entire blog.

  • Bloom Where you are Planted – How to Find a Career Mentor

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, I knew how to do everything included in my job description. I was a bellydancing at a Moroccan restaurant and teaching bellydance classes. My days were filled with obsessively making bellydance costumes, searching for new Middle-Eastern music and rehearsing.  I made some extra money by selling my Goddess Workout video to my dance students that I recently produced. Then, a student, who was a writer for Sex and the City wrote about The Goddess Workout into an episode. Suddenly my life changed. I was in business. I mean business, as in becoming incorporated with stockholders, officers, lawyers, accountants, spreadsheets and an account at Staples. I was thrown into an alternate universe with aliens who spoke a bizarre language. I needed a guide to navigate the new strange world…I needed a mentor.

    Patiently I waited for the equivalent of the 'Career Fairy' to come down and appoint me a divine mentor. But, as I came to find, these types of relationships take chemistry, synergy and trust, none of which happen overnight.


    Click "Plant where you bloom - How to Find a Career Mentor" up top in pink to read entire blog.


  • Bask in the Goddess Glow - Blissed out Night of Dance & Music on March 16th

    A blissed-out night of cosmic performances of music, bellydance, burlesque, circus & other surprises!  Be prepared to be brought to your knees to worship The Goddess! The Goddess is ready to shower Her love and affection on any who cares to turn their gaze toward Her fiery heart.

    Audience is encouraged to drop into (or out of) the night - PLEASE enjoy, break free of self-imposed limitations, dress in costume and bask in the glow of the Goddess!

    My performance is not to missed! I am seriously serious. I will be revealing a new costume (and some other things!)

    Please click "Bask in the Goddess Glow" above in pink for all the deets.  Hope to see you there!


  • I am inviting in my house a Couch-Surfer in honor of Practice Random Acts of Kindness Week (Feb15-21

    I know this week has been full of Holidays: Valentine’s Day, President’s Day and Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday, but do you know that it is also Random Acts of Kindness Week? From February 15-21 a little kindness can go a long way toward making someone's day and celebrating the week is a good way to remind ourselves that we can make a difference in someone’s life. Here are some ideas, and even if you haven't any extra cash, a smile and a greeting are always free.

    To read entire blog, click "Practice Random Acts of Kindness" above in pink

  • The GoddessLife Challenge is Working! A budding business is born!

    I am proud to announce: The GoddessLife Challenge is Working! Sarah, from our community, is tasting success from the goals she set in January for The Goddess Challenge. How darling is this knitted hip scarf!

    To refresh your memory in Jan-blink and its gone-uary, I introduced The GoddessLife Challenge as a fresh new way to help each other on our paths to make our dreams come true.

    Read "The Goddess Challenge" up top in pink to read entire blog.

  • Help Empower the Women in Your Life To Be Safer – vote for “Who is a Goddess?” film

    A webisode I made last year with all my girlfriends called, “Who Is A Goddess?” has been nominated for best “Female Empowerment” film by a company that is developing a campaign around a new personal safety alarm for women. 

    All prize money will be contributed to GoddessService

    Click Above “Empower women in your life” in pink for all the details about video, campaign and how to vote.

    Click here to vote (Thank-you very much!)

    Text to: 21001 (I know it might seem weird that it isn’t a full number)

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  • The GoddessLife Challenge: Read Submissions. Help Support these Women's Goals with your Comments.

    View the initial submissions for the GoddessLife Challenge 2010. Help these women achieve their goals by leaving your comments, suggestions, motivation and recommendations. I'm inspired by their bravery and courageousness. I'm excited to see the evolution and watch their transformations! It's never too late for you to enter. Each moment is a chance to start anew. Together, we can make 2010 the BEST year ever!


  • Magical Moonlight

    While I was driving home tonight from my bellydance gig in Malibu, I was so enchanted by the glow of the Full Moon and the illuminated path it created on the ocean that I nearly drove off a cliff! I began to think about how staggering the influence the Moon has on Earth: twice a day, it makes the waters of the oceans ebb and flow.  It takes about 1,500,000,000 horsepower for the Moon to drag the tides across the Earth each day. Sheesh, that's a lot of power! Scientists (those cuties with the white coats and coke-bottle glasses) say that our body is made up of 95% water. With all this power, the Moon (also known as Luna) must affect us, too, no doubt.  Perhaps which is why we attribute craziness and wild behavior to the Full Moon with the term: lunatic.

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