Remember the GoddessLife Challenge?

Remember the GoddessLife Challenge?

Remember the Goddess Challenge of 2010?
"I believe that a Goddess is powerful, but The GoddessLife community is unstoppable."
I believe this quote I wrote and I am the kind of Goddess that builds her castles in the sky and then I put the foundations under them. I want all your dreams to come true and I believe in all of you, so I created The GoddessLife Challenge to encourage us all do it together and support each other’s aspirations! Not only that, I know how difficult it is to keep New Year's resolutions, so I created the GoddessLife Challenge to last all year long. Women began posting their goals and supporting each other. I dedicated my entire January Newsletter to The Goddess Challenge that included oodles of ideas to help you manifest your dreams.
I want to share with you one of our GoddessLife community's journey with the GoddessLife Challenge. I encouraged her throughout the year because I believe that there will be obstacles along the path of every woman's dreams. One of the secrets of manifesting your goals is so simple: Don't quit! Below is the story of Sarah Nichol's GoddessLife Challenge. She is a true inspiration! Remember, each moment presents a new opportunity to live the life of your dreams. Read more about The GoddessLife Challenge.

Dear GoddessLife Community,

It's nearing the year mark since I started the Goddess Challenge (for 2010). When I signed up for it, at the time my ideas were very vague...I had no idea what would come about...I just knew that I needed something to change and happen in my life. I really didn't know if I would get anywhere and struggled with lack of confidence for things working out for me. Dolphina was so encouraging that even though my ideas for the year were vague, it would be an exciting year. And it has been. I thought success stories only happened to other people...never to me. Looking back at how a simple hip scarf I knitted turned into a business is very exciting for me. Dolphina encouraged me to take the skills I had and pursue starting a business with it. Now, several months later, I am getting regular sales on items I make as well as receiving custom orders frequently. But, there were moments I nearly gave up. When I first started my business, things were very slow and although some people would comment that they liked the things I made, very few sales came. I almost canceled the whole thing, as I was so discouraged things didn't happen as quickly as I hoped. But, from the encouragement of my mother, sister, Dolphina, my father, and only a few friends, I kept persevering and praying! And now it is coming to fruition. I'm so thankful to those who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and prayed for me and encouraged me. Dolphina had said that pretty soon I would be so busy with sales that I wouldn't have time to knit! And she was correct! I've been getting so many custom orders, that I often don't have enough time to keep my stock up on my website! It's really hard to put into words the confidence this venture has given me. It also helps give me the belief in my other goals, too, and that I will see them come about in my life. And it makes me want to encourage others to just keep seeking to find the right paths in your life and not give up. This was certainly a special year for me, because previous years I would be so depressed at the end of year because none of my goals would work out. But, this year I feel happy as I reach the end of year and excited for more accomplishments in the next year ahead!

Sarah Nichols

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Sat, November 27, 2010 @ 1:27 AM

2. Sarah wrote:
Thank you Dolphina!

Sat, November 27, 2010 @ 1:28 AM

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