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  • The Day I was Rescued by Dolphins

    The day began relatively ordinary for what became the most extraordinary day of my life. I woke up by myself in a cute hotel in Road Town, which is the main city of Tortola. Eddie left two days ago and in my attempt to not torture myself with memories of him, I hitched a ride yesterday to the populated side of the island for some distraction. I carried all my belongings, checked into a classic Caribbean hotel with a friendly staff and began drinking. Rumor has it that I was doing the limbo and reading everyone’s palms who entered the bar. Good times.

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  • Rescued by Dolphins

    Yes, it is true that I was rescued by dolphins during a boating accident. I kept a journal during that extraordinary year. It was an amazing journey in the Caribbean in which I lived off the land, in a tree, for a year and a day. 

    Mine is a fantastic story, but the truth is I am not alone; dolphins rescue humans every year. The BBC released a program about people that were rescued by dolphins.

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